11. General plan of the building [S. Stefano Rotondo], in its original state. The four great divisions marked C were covered, and the divisions marked B uncovered: an appropriate arrangement for a public market, which it is supposed this building formerly was. The second enclosure D D, a covered gallery for the purchasers, and, at the same time, a vestibule to the circular temple A, where there was probably a statue of Faunus, Bacchus, or the Emperor Claudius.

12. Medal of Nero, which strengthens the opinion that this edifice was a public market; the reverse of the medal shows a building of a double range of porticos, surmounted by a dome. The building is approached by steps, on the border of which are carved two fish, shown more in detail at No. 13; in the center a statue of Neptune, No. 14; and round the medal the inscription MAC. AVG. S. C., Macellum Augusti senatus consulto.

13. Details of steps referred to above.

14. Statue of Neptune in the center of the medal.

15. Lower part of an imperial statue found in the enclosure of this edifice, supposed to be the Emperor Claudius.




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