bishop and architect; d. April 10, 1029.
The cathedral of Chartres, probably the fourth church erected on the site of the present building, was burned September 7, 1020, during the reign of Robert le Diable, duke of Normandy. The bishop Fulbert devoted himself to the immediate reconstruction of the church. The crypt of the church was completed about two years after the conflagration. The cathedral was completed during the administration of his successor, the bishop Thierry, and dedicated October 17, 1037. The towers were added after 1115. This church, with the exception of the towers which still stand, was destroyed by fire in 1194. The present cathedral was built on its ruins.

monk and architect; d. 1023.
In 1020 Hildebert, the second abbot of that name, began for Richard II, Duke of Normandy, the Romanesque church of Mont-Saint-Michel (Manche), of which the transepts and four bays of the nave still remain. He was chiefly occupied with the enormous substructure of the building. Instead of cutting away the crest of the rock, he constructed an immense plateau even with the crest, a part of the mass being occupied by crypts and subterranean chapels.




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