Albrecht von Strasburg (Albertus Argentinus)
His memory has been preserved in the little manuals (Steinmetzbüchlein) of the mediæval apprentices, and in the traditions, oral and written, of the mediæval Masonic lodges (Bauhütten). He is not mentioned by any chronicler or in any historic document. According to tradition Albrecht took up in 1050 the construction of the Cathedral of Strasburg abandoned in 1028.

Kaiserhaus, Goslar, Romanesque, c.1050.

Abbey Church and "Merveille", Mont St. Michel, Romanesque and Gothic, c.1050-c.1450.

Crypte de l'Aquilon, Mont St. Michel, Romanesque, c.1050.

Notre Dame la Grande, Poitiers, Romanesque, c.1050.

St Front, Perigueux, Romanesque, c.1050-c.1250.

One of the capitals from the interior of the church, with its base. On the four angles of the capital are an eagel, an ox, and the other symbols of the Evangelists.
Longitudinal section of the same.
Plan of the Church of St. Thomas in Limine (c. 850-1050) at Bergamo, constructed by order of the Lombard kings.




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