ecclesiastic aud architect; b. about 1024; d. 1108.
Born in France, and became about 1060 a monk of the Abbey of Bec. In 1077 he was appointed Bishop of Rochester, England, by Lanfranc. He built, or caused to be built, the cathedral of Rochester. Of his work, a part of the crypt, a part of the west front, and the tower on the north side remain. For William the Conqueror, he built the Great White Tower in London.

Guinamond Guinamundus
monk and architect.
In a manuscript of the monk Genoux, at the Bibliothèque Nationale, it is recorded that Guinamundus, a monk of the monastery of Chaise-Dieu, made the monument of S. Front, first bishop of Perigueux, at the cathedral of that city, in the year 1077.

St. Etienne (Abbaye-aux-Hommes), Caen, Romanesque, c.1064-77; vaulted c.1135.




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