Hermann Auriga
architect and engineer.
At the end of the twelfth century (1190-1202) Bishop Conrad von Hunenbourg undertook the second enlargement of the walls of the city of Strasburg. He built a double line of fortifications with three gates. On one of these gates, which existed in the last century, was the statue of the architect employed on the work and the inscription, "Hermannue Auriga magister hujus operis." It has been conjectured that Auriga was architect of the choir and transept of the Cathedral of Strasburg, built at about this time.

Lorenzo Cosmati
marble workers (marmorarii)
The earliest known member of the family, made two ambons in the church of Ara-Cúli (Rome), one of which bears the inscription, LAVRENTIVS CVM IACOBO FILIO SVO, etc.




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