Giacomo Cosmati (Jacobus)
marble worker (marmorari)
Giacomo assisted his father at Ara-Cúli and made nineteen columns with mosaics in the church of S. Alessio on the Aventine, Rome. Two of them remain and one bears the inscription IACOBVS LAVRENTII FECIT. His signature is inscribed on the door of the basilica of S. Saba on the Pseudo Aventine (1205). It is also found among the many lapidary inscriptions of the cloister of S. Scolastica near Subiaco (Italy). In 1210, assisted by his son Cosmatus, he built the facade of the duomo of Civita Castellana signed MAGISTER IACOBVS--CVM COSMA FILIO, etc.

Cathedral, Laon, Gothic, c.1160-1205.




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