Guillaume Artaud (Artaudus)
architect and engineer.
With the title "operarius" he began the construction of the great bridge called the Pont Saint Esprit over the river Rhône (France) in 1265. Associated with him were Clarius Tharanus, Jacobus Bengarius, and Pons de Gainaco. This great bridge, begun in 1265 and completed in 1309, is 5.40 metres wide and 840 metres long, and has 26 arches.

Jean de Chelles
architect and sculptor.
From the commencement of the cathedral of Notre Dame (Paris), in 1163, the name of no architect connected with the work is known until 1257, when the southern arm of the transept was enlarged and the southern portal built, which bears the inscription, ANNO • DNI . M. CCLVII. MENSE • FEBRVARIO • IDVS . SECVNDO . HOC • FVIT • INCEPTUM • CRISTI . GENITRICIS • HONORE . KALLENSI • LATHOMO . VÍVENTE . JOHANNE • MAGISTRO. The rose window above appears to belong to the thirteenth century. The chapels of the nave, built between 1245 and 1250, may be his work. The northern portal has been ascribed to him, but was probably built about 1313. (See Chelles, Pierre de) A Jean de Chelles was working on the old Louvre in 1265, under the direction of Raymond du Temple. (See Raymond du Temple.)

Pons de Gainaco
builder (operarius).
In 1265 Pons de Gainaco assisted Guillaume Artaudus in the construction of the Pont Saint Esprit over the Rhône.




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