Edward Wedlake Brayley
antiquary and topographer; b. 1773; d. September 23, 1854.
As a boy he formed a close intimacy with John Britton, and was associated with him in many of his principal antiquarian undertakings. He wrote the text of Neale's History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church, Westminster. A list of his works is given in Stephen.

John Lendthall
architect ; d. September, 1868.
April 7, 1803, he was appointed clerk of works at the Capitol in Washington, under Benjamin Latrobe. He was killed by the falling of an arch in the staircase hall.

John Claudious Loudon
landscape gardener; b. April 8, 1783; d. December 14, 1843.
He was apprenticed to a nurseryman and landscape gardener. In 1803 he came to London, and in the same year published his first essay, Observations on the Laying out of Public Squares. In 1809 he rented a large farm and organized it as a school of agriculture, which was extremely successful. In 1818 he abandoned this scheme, and made a tour of Europe. His Encyclopedia of Gardening appeared in 1822, followed in 1825 by an Encyclopedia of Agriculture, and in 1829 by an Encyclopedia of Plants. From 1826 until his death he edited the Gardener's Magazine. In 1828 he began the Magazine of Natural History. In 1831 Loudon laid out the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. He published the Encyclopedia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Architecture in 1832, and in 1834 established the Architectural Magazine, in which some of John Ruskin's earliest writings appeared. The Arboretum or Fruticetum Britannicum appeared in 1838.

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