18071702   Great Pyramids Temple of Horus AEG Turbine Factory Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Casa da Musica GAUA plans   2060i21

18032604   Great Pyramid Beauvais Cathedral Washington Monument Eiffel Tower Chryler Building Empire State Building World Trade Center Towers Sears Tower Hancock Tower elevations   2060i20

18012502   section model site plan image   2060i19   b

16110802   NNTC Ottopia Pyramids UNEP Infringement Complex plans models IQ55 IQ58   2413i40   b

16100402   Philadelphia 30th Street Station Railyard w/Pyramids plans model IQ18/19/22/23/26/27   6151i25
16100201   Philadelphia model with Pyramids IQ14 15 16 18 19 20 22 23 24   6151i01

16072403   IQ55/04 Ottopia UNEP Headquarters Great Pyramid 2 Ludi Museum grid blocks plans   6455i05

16072104   IQ58/16 Ottopia Great Pyramid Palace of Versailles UNEP Headquarters plans   6458i17

16061707   ancient Egyptian architecture plans images attached   2060i18   b   c

16061405   tallest of thier time Washington Monument fixed   2060i17

14090901   plan with site plan image attached   2060i00

14030701   plan in NNTC/Ottopia context   2060i16

14030607   plan in Philadelphia context   2060i15
14030606   plan in Egyptian context   2060i14

13121004   30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ4 IQ7 ICM mirror-copies Pyramids axonometric (-70,0,-20)   2060i13
13121003   30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ4 IQ7 ICM mirror-copies Pyramids plan model   2060i12
13121002   30th Street Station Railyard studies Pyramids plan model   2060i11

13120508   IQ08   2060i10

13101501   Great Pyramid Pantheon Palace of Versailles Kimbell Art Museum plans   2060i09

12091105   IQ08   2060i08

12012306   scale comparisons   2060i07
12012304   scale comparisons   2060i06

09021701   IQ05   2060i05
060518a   within Romaphilia   2060i04

051007b   tallest of thier time   2060i03 3136

030920a   model with Philadelphia   2060i02
99121727   model with Philadelphia   2060i01