17102701   Hadrian's Villa Villa Rotunda Ury House Moust Pleasant Palace of Versailles plans   206ki08   b

17102602   Hadrian's Villa Villa Rotunda Ury House Palace of Versailles plans   206ki07

17091201   Palace of Versailles Villa Rotunda Ury House Mount Pleasant Villa Stein de Monzie Villa A Garches Third Composition Villa Savoye Tugendhat House Robie House Maison Dom-ino Maison du Peintre Ozenfant Whitemarsh Hall Schindler-Chace House 5233 Arbor Street Houses Under a Common Roof Pruitt-Igoe Housing Governor's Palace Farnsworth House Fruchter House De Vore House Adler House William A. M. Burden House plans   2092i13

17062002   Ury House Robie House Maison du Peintre Ozenfant Schindler-Chace House Villa à Garches Maison Citröhan Villa Baizeau Tugendhat House Pavillon Suisse Maison de Verre elevations   2090i49

16122903   Domestic Museum IQ plans   2381i03

16101503   IQ61/03 Ury Farm Dominican Motherhouse plans ground contour model extents so far   2090i48
16101502   IQ61/03 Ury Farm Dominican Motherhouse ground contour model   2090i47
16101501   IQ61/03 Ury Farm Dominican Motherhouse contour work model raw   2090i46

16092402   IQ61/03 contour work plan   2090i45
16092401   IQ61/03 contour work model   2090i44

16092101   Dominican Motherhouse Ury Farm IQ61/03 plans model   2206i30

16091901   IQ61/03 contour work   2090i43

16071205   IQ61/07 grid blocks Ury Farm Villa Appositional plans   6461i05
16071204   IQ61/03 Ury Farm Dominican Motherhouse Wagner House Cooper & Pratt House Mayor's House Green Enfilade House ICA House Wacko House 002 House in Laguna 002 Gooding Trice House Wave Wall House 002 Green Enfilade House 002 plans   6461i04

16052701   IQ65 Ury House et al contour model plans site plan 2200x1100   2090i42
16052501   IQ65 Ury House et al contour model plans site plan 2200x1100   2090i41

16022903   Ury House Acropolis Q House in Laguna 002 Wacko House 002 Mayor's House ICA House Dominican Motherhouse site plan 2200x1100 IQ61   2266i20

16012602   virtual Philadelphia base map IQgrid   2093i54

15122601   House for a Skateboarder schematic model Ury/Savoye site   2090i48b   c

15010903   Cooper & Pratt House @ Ury site plan 1100x550 7303   2090i40

15010902   Villa Savoye @ Ury site plan 1100x550 7302   2090i39

15010901   Ridgeway House site plan 1100x550 7301   2090i38

15010601   Ury map/plan 7300   2090i37

15010501   Ury/NNTC map/plan 7300 images attached   2090i36

14122607   Horti Luciliani @ Ury/NNTC   2090i35

14120702   Ridgeway House Ury/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   2090i34

14120501   Ury House 1100x550 plan orthagonal /domestic   2090i00

14120208   New Sweden Outpost Pemipacka plans 22002 context   2090i33

14112702   at Ury/NNTC site/house plan   2090i32

14100202   Acropolos Q ICA House Eclectic Houses model wireframe   2090i31

14090702   Domestic Museum plans 22002 Ury/NNTC context   2090i30
14090701   Domestic Museum plans Ury/NNTC context   2090i29

14082502   Eclectic Houses upright elevations in position Acropolis Q/Ury context   2090i28

14082501   Acropolis Q plan Ury context   2090i27
14081202   Acropolis Q model plans Ury context   2090i26
14081201   Acropolis Q plans Ury context   2090i25
14080502   Acropolis Q plan Ury context   2090i24
14080501   Acropolis Q inverted plan Ury context   2090i23

14080402   Cooper & Pratt House Palace of Ottopia Acropolis Q plans Ury context   2090i22

14071503   District Q Campo Rovine Parkway Ury Farm NNTC 62002 plans   2090i21

14071502   Campo Rovine Parkway Hejduk plans Ury Farm NNTC plans   2090i20

14071301   Villa Savoye model at Ury House and Farm   2090i19

14071203   c1972 Ury Ridegeway House plan site plan IQ context   2090i18
14071202   c1812 Ury site model Latrobe watercolor via pers01.vw   2090i17
14071201   c1812 Ury site elevation   2090i16

14070801   NNTC Ury Pennypack Creek Indian trails etc. plans   2090i15

14070601   c1812 Ury House 22002 site plan site model   2090i14
14070402   Ridgeway House/Villa Savoye 22002 site plan site model   2090i13
14070401   contours opaque flat   2090i12

14070301   site plan contours Ridgeway House Villa Savoye plans 22002 in situ   2090i11

14062901   plans contours opaque flat models   2090i10

14062801   plan dtm model Ridgeway House plan Latrobe watercolor attached   2090i09

14062701   Ury Farm Northeast Philadelphia NNTC landmarks deer sightings IQ Philadelphia plans   2090i08

14021310   Northeast Philadelphia NNTC Ury Farm Philadelphia School District Q Campo Rovine Kasatan Eutropia plans   2090i07

14021301   Northeast Philadelphia NNTC Ury Farm plans   2090i06

13072701   Ury Farm Dominican Motherhouse Acadia National Park Headquarters Building site contour plans   2090i05

08050203   Maison l'Homme model Headquarters of D.A.T.A. Ury Farm   2390i03

07071803   Ury Farm Domestic Museum site plan domestic plans   2090i04

07041601   site terrain model distorted by a scale of 1,1,10   2090i03

07032701   Northeast Philadelphia 1843 Center City Philadelphia 1990 Ury Farm site plans   2090i02
07031401   Ury/Quondam digital terrain model site plan contour lines   2090i01

07030701   Ury House/Quondam site plan contours   2370i01   b   c