18071602   St. Peter's Square ICM Horti Neroniani plans Nolli Plan image   2091i10

18061701   St. Peter's Square Wallraf-Richartz Museum plans   2091i09

17122702   IQ19 Hyper Architecturism Circus of Caligula Sepulcher Hadriani Circus of Hadrian St. Peter's Square City Hall Redux Market Street East Development Parkway Interpolation Acropolis Q Calder Museum plans   2468i02

17081402   Mount Pleasant Acadia National Park HQ Parkway Interpolation St. Peter's Square 30th Street Station Railyard Olivetti HQ Milton Keynes Wallraf-Richartz Museum Leicester University Engineering Building Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank Venue Institute of Contemporary Art Pantheon Market Street East Development Baths of Constantine Salustiana Mall Gallery B Clay Workers Co-op Arch of Janus Quadrifrons Museum of Architecture Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine A Souq Neighborhoods Minerva Medica Basilica of St. Agnes, Mausoleum of Constantina Basilica Sessorianum Circus of Maxentius, Tomb of Romulus   2109i05   b   c   d   e

16013001   PSAoCRI IQ03 IQ09 IQ11 IQ12 IQ13 IQ15 IQ18 IQ19 IQ25   2392i127

15032401   Novel Architecturale IQ01 plans   3392ui05

15031302   Geometry 1979 architecture plans   2091i08

14121406   Scala Regia 1100x550 plan image   2404i27
14121307   Michelangelo's St. Peter's Basilica 1100x550 plan image   2404i21

14121215   1100x550 plan   2091i00

14102002   Nolli sector 4 attached to IQ07 frame St. Peter's colonnade Wallraf-Richartz Museum plans preliminary base data   2091i07

14020204   Old St. Peter's Basilica scan plan with Bernini's colonnade in register with psa/iq   2404i05

13120407   IQ07   2091i06
12090704   IQ07   2091i05

12062001   Vanna Venturi House Eclectic Houses Gooding House St. Peter's Basilica window 2182i02

12012305   St. Peter's Square Wallraf-Richartz Museum plans   2091i04

09021303   IQ051 St. Peter's Square Palace of Versailles Chandigarh Palais des Congrès Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti   2091i03

08121701   Durand scanned plans Old St. Peter's Basilica Courthouse Plus Ultra   2390i24
08121503   Durand scanned plans St. Peter's Basilica and Square Courthouse Plus Ultra   2390i23

08061201   St. Peter's Square Chandigarh Palais des Congrès Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti plans   2091i02

99121830   Villa Rotunda Porticus Neroniani circle/square plans   2302i30

99121822   plan detail with Philadelphia City Hall   2091i01

97050705   Chronosomatics St. Peter's Square oval tondo   2296i04