17112201   Center City Philadelphia East Benjamin Franklin kite flying site plans 4400x4400   2093i72

17092602   Center City Philadelphia Pantheon Paradigm1 NPApraksin District DTM Zone base plans   243bi25

17080602   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen @ Franklin Court 4400x2200 plans   2226i32
17080601   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen @ Franklin Court east Center City working plans   2226i31   b   c

17071904   NE Philadelphia plan with mesh surfaces   2093i71

17070501   Northeast Center City Philadelphia Gooding Trice House enlarged x 15 perspective   2093i70

17070503   Northeast Center City Philadelphia Gooding Trice Villa enlarged x 15 plans   2093i69

17032902   IQ North Philadelphia East Girard East Housing Francisville Housing Dominican Fortress Girard Collage Mesh Surface City Blocks NPApraksin District plans   2093i68   b   c

17032703   IQ Philadelphia East Mikveh Israel Synagogue Urban Components Clay Workers Co-op City Hall Redux Market Street East Development Gallery B Salustiani Mall Hadriani Mall Campo Marzio Infill ASouq Neighborhoods plans   2093i67   b   c
17032702   IQ Philadelphia East working data plans   2093i66

17031902   IQ Philadelphia West Fairmount Park Fountain Competition Institute of Contemporary Art City Hall Redux Parkway Interpolation Museum Annex Venue Francisville Housing Working Title Museum 002 Working Title Museum 003 Dominican Fortress 30th Street Station Railyard plans   2093i65   b   c

17012601   Benjamin Franklin Parkway Franklin's Footpath plans   2093i64

16122902   Philadelphia North IQ existing conditions plans   2093i63
16122901   Philadelphia East IQ existing conditions plans   2093i62
16122801   Philadelphia West IQ existing conditions plans   2093i61

16102803   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation 30th Street Station Railyard plans IQ19 reoriented for Pantheon Paradigm   243bi22

16100404   Philadelphia ASouq Neighborhoods plans IQ16   6151i27
16100403   Philadelphia 30th Street Station Railyard all schemes plans IQ18/19/22/23/26/27   6151i26
16100402   Philadelphia 30th Street Station Railyard w/Pyramids plans model IQ18/19/22/23/26/27   6151i25
16100401   Philadelphia 30th Street Station Railyard plans model IQ18/19/22/23/26/27   6151i24
16100315   Philadelphia 30th Street Station Railyard plans IQ18/19/22/23/26/27   6151i23
16100314   Philadelphia GAUA plans IQ24/28   6151i22
16100313   Philadelphia GAUA plans model IQ24/28   6151i21
16100312   Philadelphia Mesh Surface City Blocks GAUA plans IQ24/28   6151i20
16100311   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation Fairmount Park etc. model IQ18/19/22/23   6151i19
16100310   Philadelphia 5th & Girard neighborhood plans model IQ20/24   6151i18
16100309   Philadelphia Girard Collage Dominican Fortress plans IQ23/27   6151i17
16100308   Philadelphia Duchamp Inn plans IQ19   6151i16
16100307   Philadelphia Calder Museum Acropolis Q on the Parkway plans IQ19   6151i15
16100306   Philadelphia Francisville Housing plans IQ23   6151i14
16100305   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation plans models IQ19/23   6151i13
16100304   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation plans IQ19/23   6151i12
16100303   Philadelphia Market Street East Development plans models IQ15/16/19/20   6151i11
16100302   Philadelphia Market Street East Development plans IQ15/16/19/20   6151i10
16100301   Philadelphia ICA Venue plans IQ15/19   6151i09
16100208   Philadelphia Clay Workers Co-op plans model IQ20   6151i08
16100207   Philadelphia Girard East Housing Francisville Housing plans IQ23 24 27 28   6151i07
16100206   Philadelphia City Hall plans IQ19   6151i06
16100205   Philadelphia Kennedy Plaza City Hall 1988 plans IQ19   6151i05
16100204   Philadelphia Society Hill building footpronts plans IQ16   6151i04
16100203   ICA model IQ15 16 19 20   6151i03
16100202   Philadelphia plan IQ14-29   6151i02
16100201   Philadelphia model with Pyramids IQ14 15 16 18 19 20 22 23 24   6151i01

16090901   IQ15 Philadelphia ICA plans   2093i60
16090703   IQ19 Philadelphia plans   2093i59
16090702   IQ15 Philadelphia ICA plans   2093i58
16090701   Rittenhouse Square ICA Venue plans   2093i57

16062901   Kennedy Plaza Fairmount Park Fountain Competition 2200x1100 plans image attached   2194i01
16062803   Kennedy Plaza 1100x550 plan image attached   2093i56

16012901   Philadelphia grid IQ11 IQ12 IQ18 IQ19 IQ20 IQ22 IQ23 IQ24 IQ26 IQ27 IQ28 IQ30   2093i55

16012602   virtual Philadelphia base map IQgrid  2093i54
16012503   virtual Philadelphia base map   2093i53

15090902   ICA site plan 22002 Philadelphia model ICA House model ICA new plan development   3392ui82   b   c   d   e   f

15090901   ICA site plan 22002 Rittenhouse Square plan redraw   3392ui81

15072901   IQ12 Society Hill building footprints image attached   2093i48   b

15071601   Amnis District Market Street East Development plans street/block opaque   2093i52   b

15071504   Center City model IQ register   2093i51

15071503   IQ11 Philadelphia model   2093i50
15071502   IQ08 Philadelphia model   2093i49

15021607   NE Philadelphia plan with mesh surfaces   2093i38

14122304   Kennedy Plaza 1100x550 plan image attached   2093i37

14121217   1100x550 plan   2093i00

14110704   Commerce Square model   2093i36

14100301   Kennedy Plaza plan with plan image attached   2093i35

14071203   Center City Philadelphia extent plan Ury Farm c1972 site plan   2090i18

13120711   IQ11   2093i34
13120609   IQ09   2092i08
13120508   IQ08 composite plan data   206fi20
13120407   IQ07 composite plan data   2091i06

13120301   IQ06 axonometric   2093i33

13120206   IQ06 composite plan data   2080i19
13120205   IQ05 composite plan data   2170i40

13112912   IQ12 axonometric   2093i32
13112911   IQ11 axonometric   2093i31
13112910   IQ10 axonometric   2093i30
13112909   IQ09 axonometric   2093i29
13112908   IQ08 axonometric   2093i28
13112907   IQ07 axonometric   2093i27
13112905   IQ05 axonometric   2093i26
13112904   IQ04 axonometric   2093i25

IQ12mod   IQ12 Philadelphia model   2093i47
IQ11mod   IQ11 Philadelphia model   2093i46
IQ10mod   IQ10 Philadelphia model   2093i45
IQ09mod   IQ09 Philadelphia model   2093i44
IQ08mod   IQ08 Philadelphia model   2093i43
IQ07mod   IQ07 Philadelphia model   2093i42
IQ06mod   IQ06 Philadelphia model   2093i41
IQ05mod   IQ05 Philadelphia model   2093i40
IQ04mod   IQ04 Philadelphia model   2093i39

13081704   facades model   2093i24
13081703   model   2093i23
13081501   model   2093i22

13081401   plan   2093i21
13060402   plan with Northeast Philadelphia   2093i20

12111312   IQ12   2093i19
12111310   IQ10   2093i18
12110904   IQ04   2092i06

07032601   Northeast Philadelphia 1848 plan   2370i03

051030c   mirror-copy plans   2093i17
051030b   mirror-copy plans   2093i16
051030a   mirror-copy plans   2093i15

050215d   Rodin Museum Youth Study Center model   2350i13

050131a   Philadelphia partial model   2350i08   b

050130a   model   2093i14   b

050112e   Benjamin Franklin Parkway model   2350i01   b

041018b   IQ Axis of Life BFParkway plans   2342i24

041017b   Franklin's Footpath   2093i13

041017a   Art Museum Rodin Museum BFParkway partial models   2342i21   b

040809a   plan   2093i12

040304a   Benjamin Franklin Parkway/ICM plans   2093i11
040302a   Benjamin Franklin Parkway/ICM plans   2093i10
031215b   Benjamin Franklin Parkway ICM plans   2330i10

031214b   Palais des Exposé model Philadelphia context   2321i04   b   c

031213b   Benjamin Franklin Parkway model   2330i08   b

031208a   Center City Philadelphia Altes Museum Palais des Congrès   2120i20
031207c   with Campo Marzio plans   2093i09
031207b   with Campo Marzio plans   2093i08
031207a   with Campo Marzio plans   2093i07

031206a   Center City Philadelphia Ara Martis plans   2330i06

031203b   museum plans Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2120i19
031113b   various plans along Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2070i03
031113a   Benjamin Franklin Parkway ICM Altes Museum House 10: Museum Parliament of West Pakistan   2120i17
03111202   B.F. Parkway Basilica Sessorianum City Hall Porticus Neroniani etc. plans   2330i03
03111201   Center City Philadelphia Parliament Building of West Pakistan etc. plans   2330i02

030920a   Pyramid model Philadelphia   2060i02

99121729   persepctives   2093i06

99121728   plan   2093i05
99121727   Pyramids Philadelphia model   2060i01
99121726   plan   2093i04

99121725   from 30th Street persepctive   2093i03

98052901   ICM B.F. Parkway superimposed plans   2093i02

96092514   Benjamin Franklin Parkway superimposed plans   2110i12
96092513   Benjamin Franklin Parkway superimposed plans   2110i11
96092512   Benjamin Franklin Parkway superimposed plans   2110i10

90071001   facades model   2093i01   b