16101701   IQ45 Temple of Venus and Rome Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine Danteum 5233 Farnsworth House Palace of Assembly Museum of Knowledge Tower of Shadows Urban Components Houses for Karl Friedrich Schinkel House of Shadows Bye Le Composites Jung Zaha House Cubist ICM   206hi18

16071404   IQ62/06 Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine Thermae Helenae Arch of Janus Quadrifrons Danteum grid blocks plans   6462i04

16051606   IQ45 Danteum Urban Components Farnsworth House Museum of Knowledge plans   2165i14

16030405   plan site plan 2200x1100 Pantheon Paradigm IQ15   2165i13

16012701   IQ45 Danteum 5233 Farnsworth House Museum of Knowledge Urban Components Cubist ICM site plans   2392i119

15121001   museum compilation IQ Northeast Philadelphia plans   2092i13   b   c   d   e   f

15111901   museum compilation 22002 plans IQ   3392ui83   b   c

15062703   Danteum plan 1100x550   3392ui73

15011101   site plan 1100x550   2165i00

14090703   museum compilation plans 22002 contexts   2080i31

14030602   plan in Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context   243bi05
14030601   plan Ottopia/IQ11 context   2165i12
14030506   plan Rome context   206di06

14020303   axonometrics 4x-60,0,40 modern/ancient context   2165i11   b

14020302   plans model modern/ancient context IQ11   206bi13
14020301   plan modern/ancient context IQ11   206bi12
13011701   IQ11 Capitoline Hill Roman Forum Danteum Basilica Maxentius/Constantine   206di05

13011501   Danteum Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine Colosseum Temple of Venus and Rome site plan   206di04

12091208   IQ08   2070i07

11110701   plans contemporary architecture   2170i22 3137

11051201   promenade architecturale plans ICM Triumphal Way   2401i07

11051101   plans model   2165i10

11050601   perspectives   2165i09
11050501   perspectives   2165i08

09051802   plan model IQ/Ottopia   2165i07   b
09040801   IQ   2120i23

07091301   plans museum collection   2142i17
051006a   plans museum collection   2120i21
031203b   plans museum collection B.F. Parkway   2120i19
031203a   plans museum collection   2120i18

020402d   axonometric   2165i06

020402c   plans elevations   2165i05

020402b   model   2165i04
020402a   model   2165i03   b

010808a   Palace of Ottopia plan studies   2219i02

99121844   perspectives model   2165i02   b
99121843   plans elevations perspectives model   2165i01   b