16122903   Domestic Museum IQ plans   2381i03

16101701   IQ45 Temple of Venus and Rome Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine Danteum 5233 Farnsworth House Palace of Assembly Museum of Knowledge Tower of Shadows Urban Components Houses for Karl Friedrich Schinkel House of Shadows Bye Le Composites Jung Zaha House Cubist ICM   206hi18

16072002   IQ58/11 Karastan Palace of Versailles Pruitt-Igoe Housing Villa Rotunda Maison Dom-ino Whitemarsh Hall Villa Stein de Monzie Villa Garches Composition Three Villa Savoye Tugendhat House Courthouse with Garage 5233 Houses Under a Common Roof Farnsworth House Governor's Palace Burden House Goldenberg House Vanna Venturi House plans Whitemarsh Hall site plan image attached   6458i12   b

16071403   IQ62/05 Pennypack Park/Creek grid blocks Tugendhat Hose Farnsworth House plans   6462i03

16051606   IQ45 Danteum Urban Components Farnsworth House Museum of Knowledge plans   2165i14

16012701   IQ45 Danteum 5233 Farnsworth House Museum of Knowledge Urban Components Cubist ICM site plans   2392i119

15121001   museum compilation IQ Northeast Philadelphia plans   2092i13   b   c   d   e   f

15062303   Mies van der Rohe architecture plans   3400gi04

15020401   site plan 1100x550   2174i00

14122502   Tugendhat House Courthouse with Garage Farnsworth House plans @ Pennypack   2175i09

14120101   domestic elevations @ 4800l   2175i08

14102601   domestic elevations outlined   2174i07
14102501   domestic elevations plain   2174i06

14101604   plan elevations sections   2174i05

14101501   domestic architecture plans @ Pruitt-Igoe NNTC   2174i04

14090703   museum compilation plans 22002 contexts   2080i31

11110701   contemporary plans   2174i03

11080102   plan   2174i02
10061203   plan elevations sections   2174i01