17010502   Chandigarh Capital Complex Museum of Knowledge model reduced to match site plan 14090401   2185i14

16072603   IQ56/02 Chandigarh Free-Form Buildings plans   6456i03

16072205   IQ59/14 Chandigarh Capital Complex Free-Form Buildings plans   6459i05
16072204   IQ59/13 Ottopia Chandigarh Capital Complex Palace of Assembly Tower of Shadows Free-Form Buildings plans   6459i04
16072203   IQ59/10 Chandigarh Capital Complex plans   6459i03
16072202   IQ59/09 Ottopia Chandigarh Capital Complex Governor's Palace Place of Assembly Free-Form Building plans   6459i02

15062107   Le Corbusier architecture plans   3400gi02

15020501   site plan 1100x550   2175i00

14090401   Chandigarh Museum of Knowledge plans   2175i22

14040804   NNTC Chandigarh   2175i21
14021306   NNTC NE Philadelphia Chandigarh   2175i20

13120202   IQ02 plans   2175i19

13102603   Chandigarh Museum of Knowledge plans   2175i18

13102602   Chandigarh GAUA setup plans   2175i17

13101602   NNTC Chandigarh IQ grid plans   2175i16
13062701   NNTC Chandigarh plans   2175i15
13041501   NNTC Chandigarh plans   2175i14
13040201   NNTC Chandigarh mesh infill plans   2175i13
13033102   NNTC Chandigarh working data plans   2175i12

13022001   plan with Palace of Versailles   2175i11

13021901   plan   2175i10

12110902   IQ02   2175i09
12090702   IQ plan   2175i08

11072401   scan plan   2175i07

11072301   plan   2175i06

09021303   scale comparison: IQ St. Peter's Square Palace of Versailles Capital Complex at Chandigarh Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti Palais des Congrès plans   2175i05
08061201   scale comparison: St. Peter's Square Chandigarh Palais des Congrès Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti plans   2175i04
06060901   scale comparison: Wall House 2 plans   2175i03

020305b   plan   2175i02

020305a   model   2175i01