18073003   Louis Kahn architecture plans IQ30 Weiss House Yale Art Gallery Fruchter House De Vore House Adler House City Tower Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building and Biology Building Goldenberg House Salk Institute for Biological Studies Erdman Hall Fisher House Levy Memorial Playground Mikveh Israel Synagogue Sher-e-Banglanagar Dacca Parliament Building of West Pakistan Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci Phillis Exeter Library Kimbell Art Museum Hurva Synagague   216hi03

18072902   circle/square plans IQ61 Villa Rotonda Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse Goldenberg House   2080i55   b

18050506   domestic elevations   2080i54

18050502   Eames House Maison Curutchet Fifty by Fifty House Casa de Vidro Governor's Palace Unité d'Habitation De Vore House Maisons Jaoul William A. M. Burden House Goldenberg House elevations   217mi02

18031801   Domestic Museum IQ61 DeVore House William A. M. Burden House Goldenberg House Vanna Venturi House Fisher House Maison de l'Homme Dominican Motherhouse House 15 Wall House 2 House VI Housing for La Villette Eclectic House Gooding House Retreat House Brant House Addition House in Laguna 001 Villa dall'Ava Wacko House 001 ICA House Sober House 1 site plans plans elevations   2381i06   b

16122903   Domestic Museum IQ plans   2381i03

16072002   IQ58/11 Karastan Palace of Versailles Pruitt-Igoe Housing Villa Rotunda Maison Dom-ino Whitemarsh Hall Villa Stein de Monzie Villa ŕ Garches Composition Three Villa Savoye Tugendhat House Courthouse with Garage 5233 Houses Under a Common Roof Farnsworth House Governor's Palace Burden House Goldenberg House Vanna Venturi House plans Whitemarsh Hall site plan image attached   6458i12   b

16070907   IQ64/10 District Q Fruchter House Goldenberg House Vanna Venturi House Housing for La Villette Museum of Architecture plans   6840i07

16031903   Goldenberg House plan site plan 4400x2200 IQ60/61   2393i11

16030402   plan site plan 2200x1100 NNTC IQ64   2179i07

15062304   Louis I. Kahn architecture plans   3748gi05

15032401   Novel Architecturale IQ01 plans   3392ui05

15031302   Geometry 1979 architecture plans   2091i08

15011103   Kahn's diachronic house plans 1952-67   217ji02

14120101   collection of domestic elevations   2080i36

14101606   model elevation   2179i06

14021307   NNTC NE Philadelphia Philadelphia School Ury Farm plans   2237i09

14012105   collection of domestic architecture plans (layers 20-39)   2179i05
14012103   collection of domestic architecture plans (layers 1-99)   2080i21

13061103   NNTC Philadelphia School plans   2237i08

13060301   Adler House Goldenberg House Retreat House plans   2237i07

13040202   New Not There City Philadelphia School Deterritorialized   2237i06

12071202   Philadelphia School plans   217ei03
12071002   Kahn plans   217ei02
12062101   Philadelphia School plans   217ei01
12042401   Kahn plans circle/square junctures   217bi01

11110701   contemporary plans   2170i22

09061703   domestic architecture Tower of Shadows plans   2419i15

07092102   Courthouse with Garage Villa Savoye Goldenberg House plans   2156i12
07092101   perspectives axonometrics   2179i04

07091701   plan model   2179i03   b

07072304   Domestic Museum Goldenberg House model   2370i19   b
07071803   Ury Farm Domestic Museum site plan domestic plans   2090i04

051007a   domestic plans   2080i12
011124c   plans   2179i02
011124b   model   2179i01

991218a   chronosomatic man circle/square studies Villa Rotunda Goldenberg House   2393i02

99092213   Retreat House Goldenberg House Hurva Synagogue plans   2179i00