16031807   plan site plan 4400x2200 IQ60/61   2205i06
16031805   plan site plan 4400x2200 IQ60/61   2393i07

15062304   Louis I. Kahn architecture plans   3400gi05

15013008   plan @ GAUA 1100x550   2205i05

14022801   Pantheon Paradigm novel chapter IQ08 IQ11 site plan   206gi28
14021310   Ury Farm in Northeast Philadelphia NNTC context plans   206bi16
14021307   NNTC NE Philadelphia Philadelphia School Ury Farm plans   2237i09
13110301   GAUA IQ03 IQ06 plans   2120i36
13102701   GAUA IQ03 IQ06 plans   2120i35
13102602   GAUA IQ03 IQ06 plan development   2120i34
13102601   GAUA IQ03 IQ06 plan development   2120i33
13092301   Pantheon Paradigm plans   206fi09

13061201   @ NNTC model   2205i04

13040202   New Not There City Philadelphia School Deterritorialized   2237i06

12071202   The Philadelphia School plans   217ei03
12062101   The Philadelphia School plans   217ei01

13061103   NNTC Philadelphia School plans   2237i08
12042401   Kahn architecture circle/square junctures plans   217bi01

12012304   Great Pyramid Pantheon Beauvais Cathedral Parliament Building of West Pakistan plans elevations section   2060i06
11110701   contemporary architecture plans   2170i22
07062801   scale/rotate experiment (Quondam collection) plans   2177i06   2205i03
031113a   Benjamin Franklin Parkway ICM Altes Museum House 10: Museum Parliament of West Pakistan   2120i17
03111201   Center City Philadelphia Parliament Building of West Pakistan etc. plans   2330i02

020802e   plans elevation section model   2205i02

00092105   Quondam group elevations model   2177i04
99121824   Quondam group elevations   2120i09
99121816   Quondam elevations plans   2302i26

99091804   plans elevations section model   2205i01

97071504   Quondam collection elevations   2296i11