17111107   Pantheon Paradigm s06 plans image   243bi26

17081402   Mount Pleasant Acadia National Park HQ Parkway Interpolation St. Peter's Square 30th Street Station Railyard Olivetti HQ Milton Keynes Wallraf-Richartz Museum Leicester University Engineering Building Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank Venue Institute of Contemporary Art Pantheon Market Street East Development Baths of Constantine Salustiana Mall Gallery B Clay Workers Co-op Arch of Janus Quadrifrons Museum of Architecture Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine A Souq Neighborhoods Minerva Medica Basilica of St. Agnes, Mausoleum of Constantina Basilica Sessorianum Circus of Maxentius, Tomb of Romulus   2109i05   b   c   d   e

16072504   IQ55/10 Ottopia Lauf Haus der Kunst Mosque Q Working Title Museum 005 House of Shadows Bye Lustgarten Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Museum of Arts and Crafts Monument to Friedrich the Great Basilica Sessorianum Dresdner Bank plans   6455i10
16072501   IQ55/06 Ottopia Lauf Haus der Kunst Governor's Palace Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank plans   6455i07

16030704   Dresdner Bank Lauf Haus der Kunst plan site plan 4400x2200 Ottopia IQ55   2306i15
16030103   plans site plan 2200x1100 Museum Compilation IQ50   223ci20
16012203   Dresdner Bank Museum compilation IQ50 site plans   223ci19 2392i116

15100502   Roma Interrotta Sector IV   2226i23

15091803   Dresdner Bank Clay Workers Co-op site plans orthagonal   223ci18
15091802   Dresdner Bank Clay Workers Co-op site plans superimposed   223ci17   b

15091801   Dresdner Bank Marburg/Amnis District site plans orthagonal   223ci16
15091701   Dresdner Bank Marburg/Amnis District site plans superimposed   223ci15   b

15072101   Dresdner Bank Amnis District models   223ci14   b   c
15062705   James Stirling architecture plans   3400gi06
15032401   novel architecturale IQ01 plans   3392ui05
15010201   Dresdner Bank plan compared with other Stirling curved glass plans   223ci13
14123102   Dresdner Bank plan Pantheon Paradigm   243bi12

14123101   Dresdner Bank model plans elevations section site plan practically true north   223ci12   b
14122801   1100x550 site plan   223ci11
14112802   site plan   223ci10
14112801   site plan with image attached   223ci09   b
14102401   plans elevations section corrected data   223ci08

14102106   Lauf/Stirling architecture plans IQ novel architecturale contexts   2216i11

14102104   Stirling Roma Interrotta plans within IQ10   2181i02
14102003   Stirling Roma Interrotta plans images attached   2216i10

14012702   plan elevations section (finished data)   223ci07
14012701   plan elevations section (work data)   223ci06

13101201   novel architecturale plan set   206fi16
13091002   novel architecturale plan set   206fi04
13090303   novel architecturale plan set started   206fi03

13061101   elevation plan   223ci05

13053102   Dresdner Bank legacy plans   223ci04

13053101   elevation scans plans   223ci03
13052601   plan   223ci02
13051801   plan scan   223ci01