17122804   IQ20 Hyper Architecturism Mikveh Israel Synagague Urban Components Clay Workers Co-op Market Street East Development Gallery B Salustiani/Hadriani Mall plans   2468i06

17112603   10x10x10 Cube Clay Workers Co-op House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 006 Museum of Architecture plans   2232i02

17081402   Mount Pleasant Acadia National Park HQ Parkway Interpolation St. Peter's Square 30th Street Station Railyard Olivetti HQ Milton Keynes Wallraf-Richartz Museum Leicester University Engineering Building Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank Venue Institute of Contemporary Art Pantheon Market Street East Development Baths of Constantine Salustiana Mall Gallery B Clay Workers Co-op Arch of Janus Quadrifrons Museum of Architecture Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine A Souq Neighborhoods Minerva Medica Basilica of St. Agnes, Mausoleum of Constantina Basilica Sessorianum Circus of Maxentius, Tomb of Romulus   2109i05   b   c   d   e

17032703   IQ Philadelphia East Mikveh Israel Synagogue Urban Components Clay Workers Co-op City Hall Redux Market Street East Development Gallery B Salustiani Mall Hadriani Mall Campo Marzio Infill ASouq Neighborhoods plans   2093i67   b   c

16100208   Philadelphia Clay Workers Co-op plans model IQ20   6151i08

16022904   site plan 2200x1100 IQ20   2243i11

15091803   Dresdner Bank Clay Workers Co-op site plans orthagonal   223ci18
15091802   Dresdner Bank Clay Workers Co-op site plans superimposed   223ci17   b

15032401   Novel Architecturale IQ01 plans   3392ui05

14111203   site model ICM infill plans building footprint/model addition/fix   2243i10

14111201   22002 site context plans models   2243i09   b
14042103   plan orthagonal 8002   2243i08
14042003   plan orthagonal   2243i07
14042002   model site plan   2243i06   b
14042001   site plan 22002   2243i05

13120609   IQ09 composite plan data     2092i08

13101201   novel architecturale plan set   206fi16
13091002   novel architecturale plan set   206fi04
13090303   novel architecturale plan set started   206fi03

13081701   model   2243i04   b
13081401   Center City Philadelphia IQ9 plans Mikveh Isreal Gallery Berwin Clay Workers Co-op   2093i21

13053102   Dresdner Bank legacy plans   223ci04

13052902   plans model   2243i03
13052901   diagram circle data   2243i02
13052802   plan scans   2243i01