17122702   IQ19 Hyper Architecturism Circus of Caligula Sepulcher Hadriani Circus of Hadrian St. Peter's Square City Hall Redux Market Street East Development Parkway Interpolation Acropolis Q Calder Museum plans   2468i02

17032703   IQ Philadelphia East Mikveh Israel Synagogue Urban Components Clay Workers Co-op City Hall Redux Market Street East Development Gallery B Salustiani Mall Hadriani Mall Campo Marzio Infill ASouq Neighborhoods plans   2093i67   b   c

17031902   IQ Philadelphia West Fairmount Park Fountain Competition Institute of Contemporary Art City Hall Redux Parkway Interpolation Museum Annex Venue Francisville Housing Working Title Museum 002 Working Title Museum 003 Dominican Fortress 30th Street Station Railyard plans   2093i65   b   c

16100205   Philadelphia Kennedy Plaza City Hall 1988 plans IQ19   6151i05

16030508   plan site plan 2200x4400 IQ19   2255i03

14042401   plan model orthagonal 22002 in situ   2255i02
14042306   plans 22002 in situ   2255i01
02012601   plan model   3392hi01