17111203   plans working elevations sections   2276i09

17070408   site plans plans elevations sections  2276i08

17030303   plans elevations sections model work   2276i07
17030302   plans elevations sections wireframes to scale   2276i06

16072003   IQ58/12 Palace of Versailles Houses Under a Common Roof Pruitt-Igoe Housing Fruchter House De Vore House Adler House Fisher House Maison l'Homme House 10: Museum Frug House 1 Frug House 2 House 15 Gallaratese Housing Block Brant House Wall House 2 Silent Witnesses Housing for La Villette Eclectic House Gooding House Retreat House Wagner House Brant House Addition Cooper & Pratt House Mayor's House Zany House 001 Zany House 002 Green Enfilade House Winton Guest House Villa dall'Ava Sober House 1   6458i13
16071801   IQ58/07 Karastan Pruitt-Igoe Housing Villa dall'Ava Maison Millennium 001 Palace of Ottopia House for Otto 3, 4, 8 Savoye Hystérique Courthouse Plus Ultra Savoye Shadows Annexation Villa + 15 Villa Appositional plans   6458i08

16060601   plans elevations sections wireframes nts   2276i05   b

16012404   plans elevations sections nts   2276i04
14110705   model work   2276i03   b
01112511   model redux   2276i02
01112510   downloaded model   2276i01