18010601   smallest plans 10x10x10 Cube Ury House Arbor Street House Maison Dom-ino Maison du Peintre Ozenfant Tempietto Porta Pia Mount Pleasant Schröder House Ridgeway House Vanna Venturi House Glass House Villa Baizeau Frug House 2 Single House Weissenhof Princeton Memorial Park Tower Eclectic House House VI Venue Frug House 1 Francisville Housing Unit Eames House and Studio Gallery B Fisher House Farnsworth House Gooding House Composition Three Wall House 2 Maison de l'Homme   2232i04

18010202   IQ23 Philadelphia streets building footprints Parkway Interpolation Francisville Housing Working Title Museum 002 003 Girard Collage Dominican Fortress 30th Street Station Railyard NPAprakson District   2093i74

17122509   IQ0 Parkway Interpolation plan model   2392i132

17121902   Palace of Versailles at Philadelphia Museum of Art Parkway Interpolation IQ0 IQ 18 19 22 23 plans 8800x4400   2278i24

171121202   Hadrian's Villa Collegio Ichnographia Campus Martius Parkway Interpolation images   206ki10   b

17112501   site axonometric -55,0,0   2278i23
17112103   site axonometrics -55,0,0; -90; -180; -270   2278i22

17112102   site plan schematic site model orthagonal   2278i21   b
17112101   site plan model orthagonal q00091901   2278i20   b

17112003   site plan existing conditions 1992 orthagonal   2278i19
17112002   site plan 1992 orthagonal   2278i18

17081402   Mount Pleasant Acadia National Park HQ Parkway Interpolation St. Peter's Square 30th Street Station Railyard Olivetti HQ Milton Keynes Wallraf-Richartz Museum Leicester University Engineering Building Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank Venue Institute of Contemporary Art Pantheon Market Street East Development Baths of Constantine Salustiana Mall Gallery B Clay Workers Co-op Arch of Janus Quadrifrons Museum of Architecture Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine A Souq Neighborhoods Minerva Medica Basilica of St. Agnes, Mausoleum of Constantina Basilica Sessorianum Circus of Maxentius, Tomb of Romulus   2109i05   b   c   d   e

17031902   IQ Philadelphia West Fairmount Park Fountain Competition Institute of Contemporary Art City Hall Redux Parkway Interpolation Museum Annex Venue Francisville Housing Working Title Museum 002 Working Title Museum 003 Dominican Fortress 30th Street Station Railyard plans   2093i65   b   c

16102803   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation 30th Street Station Railyard plans IQ19 reoriented for Pantheon Paradigm   243bi22

16102801   Pantheon Paradigm ICM Parkway Interpolation plans IQ15/19   243bi20

16102701   Pantheon Paradigm Parkway Interpolation plans IQ15/19   243bi16
16102602   Bustum Hadriani Palace of Versailles Parkway Interpolation for Pantheon Paradigm IQ15/19   243bi15

16100311   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation Fairmount Park etc. model IQ18/19/22/23   6151i19
16100305   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation plans models IQ19/23   6151i13
16100304   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation plans IQ19/23   6151i12

16071103   IQ60/16 Parkway Interpolation plans   6460i13
16071102   IQ60/15 Campo Rovine Parkway Interpolation Ur-Ottopia House plans   6460i12
16071011   IQ60/12 Villa Rotunda site Parkway Interpolation plans   6460i10
16071010   IQ60/12 Trenton Jewish Community Center Parkway Interpolation plans   6460i09
16071009   IQ60/11 Campo Rovine Parkway Interpolation Mies van der Hejduk House plans   6460i08
16071007   IQ60/07 Campo Rovine Philadelphia Museum of Art Parkway Interpolation Museum Annex plans   6460i06

16030601   plans site plan 4400x8800 IQ19/23   2278i17

15121901   Parkway Interpolation most complete plan 13022301 model   2278i16   b   c

15032401   Novel Architecturale IQ01 plans   3392ui05

14051502   site section   2278i15
14051501   site plan   2278i14
14042604   site plan orthagonal 44002 in situ   2278i13

13120508   IQ08   206fi20
13120407   IQ07   2091i06

13101201   novel architecturale plans   206gi16
13091002   novel architecturale plans   206gi04
13090303   novel architecturale plans   206gi03

13022401   IQ plans in sync Parkway Interpolation   2278i12

13022302   Parkway Interpolation Hotel Pia plans models   2278i11
13022301   plan model IQ register   2278i10   b   c

12090704   IQ   2091i05

09050601   building footprints ICM infill plans   2278i09
09021701   IQ041 plans   2060i05
07102401   IQ Parkway Interpolation ICM plans models   2110i64   b
07101905 IQ Parkway Interpolation plans models   2278i08   b
07101801   IQ0 plans. 2278i07

050112f   plans Romaphilia   2278i06
041019a   plan existing conditions   2278i05
041017d   Parkway Interpolation plans   2342i23
041017c   Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation plan fixes   2342i22
031017a   plans models   2278i04   b   c
00091901   Parkway Interpolation Hotel Pia Working Title Museum 001 models   2278i03   b   c
99121723   Parkway Interpolation plans section axonometrics perspectives colonnade Museum Annex Hotel Pia details   2278i02
99121720   model work Rodin Museum   2278i01
97122703   ICM Horti Anters Hotel Pia Plans   2110i25