18063001   appositional architecture IQ56right De Vore House Adler House Fisher House Dominican Motherhouse Brant House Addition Institute of Contemporary Art Cooper & Pratt House Winton Guest House Mayor's House Green Enfilade House Sober House 1 Analogous Building Nunnery Wacko House 002 Ur-Ottopia House Maison Millennium 001 Schizophrenic Folds Infringement Complex Palace of Knowledge NATO Headquarters Mosque Q Sober House 2 House of Shadows Bye Stoner Food Resturant Hurva Dormitories Gooding Trice House Le Composites Trivilla Savoye Headquarters of D.A.T.A. Villa Plus Ultra Courthouse Plus Ultra Savoye Shadows Annexation Villa + 15 Villa Appositional Complex Religious   217ei07   b

16101701   IQ45 Temple of Venus and Rome Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine Danteum 5233 Farnsworth House Palace of Assembly Museum of Knowledge Tower of Shadows Urban Components Houses for Karl Friedrich Schinkel House of Shadows Bye Le Composites Jung Zaha House Cubist ICM   206hi18

16072504   IQ55/10 Ottopia Lauf Haus der Kunst Mosque Q Working Title Museum 005 House of Shadows Bye Lustgarten Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Museum of Arts and Crafts Monument to Friedrich the Great Basilica Sessorianum Dresdner Bank plans   6455i10

16071802   IQ58/07 Karastan Pruitt-Igoe Housing Maison Bordeaux Ur-Ottopia House Palace of Ottopia House for Otto 5, 6, 7 Maison Millennium 002 Villa Skeleton Good-Bye House Sober House 2 House of Shadows Bye Gooding Trice House Gooding Trice Villa Trivilla Savoye Villa Plus Ultra Courthouse Plus Ultra Villa Savoye Shadowed Savoye Shadows Annexation plans   6458i09

16070902   IQ64/01 Campo Rovine District Q Silent Witnesses Zany House 001 House of Shadows Bye plans   6840i02

16031504   plan site plan 4400x2200 Ottopia IQ55   2366i08

16022902   Silent Witnesses Zany House 001 House of Shadows Bye site plan 2200x1100 IQ64 District Q Campo Rovine   2248i05

15122802   model site plan Ottopia   2366i07   b
15122801   site plan Ottopia   2366i08b   c

15070101   analogous buildings plans   2286i08
15063001   analogous buildings plans   2286i07

14120609   NNTC Campo Rovine Hejduk plans   2197i14
14120101   collection of domestic elevations   2080i36

14101902   elevation model   2366i06
14051804   plan 22002   2366i05

13090803   House of Shadows Bye Campo Rovine plans   2366i04

07072108   Domestic Museum House of Shadows Bye model   2370i12   b
07071803   Domestic Museum plans   2090i04

06072401   recombinant architectures plans site plans   2287i05

06062402   House of Shadows Bye Chandigarh model   2360i08   b

06060905   axonometrics perspectives   2366i03
06060903   model   2366i02 b  
06060902   plans   2366i01