19030101   IQQ22 26 27 done Philadelphia Versailles Palace/Park Mount Pleasant Whitemarsh Hall Chandigarh Capitl Complex Le Composites Museum of Knowledge plans   2468i40

18063001   appositional architecture IQ56right De Vore House Adler House Fisher House Dominican Motherhouse Brant House Addition Institute of Contemporary Art Cooper & Pratt House Winton Guest House Mayor's House Green Enfilade House Sober House 1 Analogous Building Nunnery Wacko House 002 Ur-Ottopia House Maison Millennium 001 Schizophrenic Folds Infringement Complex Palace of Knowledge NATO Headquarters Mosque Q Sober House 2 House of Shadows Bye Stoner Food Resturant Hurva Dormitories Gooding Trice House Le Composites Trivilla Savoye Headquarters of D.A.T.A. Villa Plus Ultra Courthouse Plus Ultra Savoye Shadows Annexation Villa + 15 Villa Appositional Complex Religious   217ei07   b

16101701   IQ45 Temple of Venus and Rome Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine Danteum 5233 Farnsworth House Palace of Assembly Museum of Knowledge Tower of Shadows Urban Components Houses for Karl Friedrich Schinkel House of Shadows Bye Le Composites Jung Zaha House Cubist ICM   206hi18

16051604   IQ45 Houses for KFSchinkel Le Composites Jung Zaha House plans   2239i25

16050803   Cubist ICM IQ45 Le Composites museum compilation Houses for KFSchinkel plans   2436i49

16031702   plans site plan 4400x2200 IQ45   2380i04

15070101   analogous buildings plans   2286i08
15063001   analogous buildings plans   2286i07

14052001   plan 22002   2380i03
07071802   elevations   2380i02
07071801   Le Composites Calder Museum Acropolis Q on the Parkway plans   2380i01