17050902   polychrome model in register with IQ23/27   2389i07   b
17050901   monochrome model in register with IQ23/27   2389i06   b

17032902   IQ North Philadelphia East Girard East Housing Francisville Housing Dominican Fortress Girard Collage Mesh Surface City Blocks NPApraksin District plans   2093i68   b   c

14052502   plan 22002 in situ   2389i05

12110904   IQ04 plans   2092i06
12090701   IQ01   2110i89

07120503   perspectives   2389i04
07120502   model development   2389i03   b   c
07120501   site plan   2389i02   b
07120403   model   2370i28   b
07120401   site plan   2389i01