17070603   District Q 2200x2200 plans   2413i42

16122904   Ottopia NNTC IQ plans   2349i05

16112901   Campo Rovine wall extrusions IQ63s04   2413i41

16110802   Ottopia Pyramids UNEP Infringement Complex plans models IQ55 IQ58   2413i40   b

15100202   Garden of Satire Pantheon Campo Rovine plans   243ci02

15102602   IQ grid bands 2200 wide NE Philadelphia   2413i39

15100101   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i38
15092901   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i37
15092801   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i36
15092701   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i35
15092501   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i34
15092303   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i33
15092101   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i32
15092001   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i31

15090402   NNTC002c plans   3392ui78

15071201   NNTC NE Philadelphia 2200x4400 grid   2262i01

150709x6   Cubist ICM 006 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i30
150709x5   Cubist ICM 005 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i29
150709x4   Cubist ICM 004 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i28
150709x3   Cubist ICM 003 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i27
150709x2   Cubist ICM 002 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i26
150709x1   Cubist ICM 001 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i25

15070802 Cubist ICM vertical NNTC plans   3392ui30
15070801 Cubist ICM horizontal NNTC plans   3392ui29

15062302   NNTC13 plans IQ51   3403i13
15062301   NNTC12 plans IQ56   2329i07 3403i12
15062204   NNTC11 plans IQ55   2329i06 3403i11
15062203   NNTC10 plans IQ54   3403i10
15062202   NNTC09 plans IQ59   3403i09
15062201   NNTC08 plans IQ58   3403i08
15062105   NNTC07 plans IQ57   3403i07
15062104   NNTC06 plans IQ62   3403i06
15062103   NNTC05 plans IQ61   3403i05
15062102   NNTC04 plans IQ60   3403i04
15062101   NNTC03 plans IQ65   3403i03
15062002   NNTC02 plans IQ64   2340i02
15062001   NNTC01 plans IQ63   3403i01

15061902   IQ NNTC 2200x4400/4400x8800 grid   2392i100

15022207   District Q 2700x4600   2297i03
15022012   Campo Rovine Hejduk derivatives plans   2413i24

15021910   House 10: Museum @ Campo Rovine 1100x550 site plan   2197i15
15021909   House 15 @ Campo Rovine 1100x550 site plan   2208i08
15021908   Wall House 2 @ Campo Rovine 1100x550 site plan   2219i13
15021907   Silent Witnesses Campo Rovine 1100x550 site plan   2225i07

15020101   Garden of Satire Campo Rovine   9060i01
15010701   Karastan NE Philadelphia   2413i23
15010603   new Campo Rovive Parkway/NNTC crop plans   2413i22

15010602   Grid Section 1   2413i21b

15010601   Ury map/plan   2090i37
15010501   Ury/NNTC map/plan images attached   2090i36
14120801   Philadelphia School/NNTC plans attached images Kahn's grave situated correctly   217gi03   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i
14120609   NNTC Hejduk plans   2197i14
14112101   Ury/NNTC site work with Acadia contours   2204i16   b
14112002   Ury/NNTC larger context working data   2080i34
14112001   22002 grid for breakdown of NNTC centered in Ury   2413i21
14110701   Benjamin Franklin Parkway model work   2413i20
14072001   Working Title Museum 003 massing study model scaled to match New Not There City in register   2325i08   b
14071503   Ury Farm District Q within New Not There City, plans   2090i21 2170i41
14071502   Campo Rovine Parkway Hejduk plans Ury Farm plans in register NNTC NE Philadelphia   2090i20
14070801   New Not There City merged with Ury House and Farm Pennypack Creek Indian trails etc.   2090i15
14062701   Ury Farm NE Philadelphia NNTC landmarks deer sightings IQ Philadelphia plan   2090i08

14041101   collection grid Northeast Philadelphia NNTC IQ grid plans   2404i08

14040804   full plan new arris version   206bi17

14031801   NNTC Ury Farm Campo Rovine Fox Chase context scan plan   2404i07   b

14021310   Ury Farm   206bi16 2090i07
14021309   Campo Rovine   2413i19
14021308   District Q   2244i08a   b
14021307   Philadelphia School Deterritorialized   2237i09
14021306   Chandigarh   2175i20
14021305   Eutropia   206bi15
14021304   Battery Park City Ottopia   2070i24
14021303   Karastan   2413i18
14021302   Benjamin Franklin Parkway Pruitt-Igoe Housing   217ai07
14021301   Ury Farm   2090i06

13101601   IQ NNTC grid plans   2403i29

13082501   Campo Rovine Hejduk derivatives   2413i17
13082402   Campo Rovine   2413i16
13082401   Campo Rovine   2197i06   b
13082302   Campo Rovine plan development   2413i15
13072001   Battery Park City   2280i01
13071902   Battery Park City   2218i02

13062701   site plan   2070i22

13062602   NNTC grid blocks   2413i14

13062601   Campo Rovine   2413i13
13052301   District Q   2170i39
13052201   District Q   2170i38

13042801   plan develpoment   2307i20

13041501   site plan   206bi06

13040401   NNTC grid blocks plan develpoment   2413i12

13040202   Philadelphia School Deterritorialized   2237i06
13040201   Chandigarh   2175i13
13040103   New Not There City Chandigarh   2413i11   b
13040102   Eutropia   206bi05
13040101   Las Vegas Strip scan plan NNTC   2413i10

13033103   Ottopia   2070i21

13033102   plan develpoment   2175i12
13033101   Ottopia plan develpoment   2413i09

13032801   Battery Park City   2254i02   b

13032703   plan develpoment   2254i01
13032702   plan develpoment   2070i20

13032701   Karastan   217ai06

13032602   Karastan plan develpoment   2413i08
13032601   Karastan plan develpoment   2413i07
13032502   plan develpoment   217ai05
13032501   Karastan plan develpoment   2413i06
13032403   Karastan plan develpoment   2413i05
13032401   Karastan plan develpoment   2413i04
13032301   plan develpoment   217ai04

13032204   Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2413i03
13032203   Pruitt-Igoe Housing   217ai03
13032202   Ury Farm NE Philadelphia Center City Philadelphia plans   2413i02
13032201   plan develpoment   2177i24
13032001   plan develpoment   2413i01