17122804   IQ20 Hyper Architecturism Mikveh Israel Synagague Urban Components Clay Workers Co-op Market Street East Development Gallery B Salustiani/Hadriani Mall plans   2468i06
17122803   IQ16 Hyper Architecturism Salutiani/Hadriani Mall ASouq Neighborhoods M4NRWF@Franklin Court plans Roma Interrotta IV plan image   2468i05   b

17081402   Mount Pleasant Acadia National Park HQ Parkway Interpolation St. Peter's Square 30th Street Station Railyard Olivetti HQ Milton Keynes Wallraf-Richartz Museum Leicester University Engineering Building Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank Venue Institute of Contemporary Art Pantheon Market Street East Development Baths of Constantine Salustiana Mall Gallery B Clay Workers Co-op Arch of Janus Quadrifrons Museum of Architecture Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine A Souq Neighborhoods Minerva Medica Basilica of St. Agnes, Mausoleum of Constantina Basilica Sessorianum Circus of Maxentius, Tomb of Romulus   2109i05   b   c   d   e

17032703   IQ Philadelphia East Mikveh Israel Synagogue Urban Components Clay Workers Co-op City Hall Redux Market Street East Development Gallery B Salustiani Mall Hadriani Mall Campo Marzio Infill ASouq Neighborhoods plans   2093i67   b   c

14053001   plan 22002 in situ   2431i04

14011201   Urban Components Salustiani Mall Hadriani Mall Mikveh Israel Synagogue IQ09 plans &nbap; 2431i03

14011103   Salustiani Mall plans model   2431i02   b
14010801   IQ09 Horti Salustiani Bustum Hadrian @ Independence Mall plans   2080i20   2431i01