18082002   NNTC Eutropia Cubist ICM IQ62 base plan   2413i47

18082001   Cubist ICM @ IQ62 plans   2436i59

17020203   IQ48 Cubist ICM Venice coast line plans   2392i128

16101801   IQ46 Maison l'Homme House 10: Museum Kimbell Art Museum Wall House 2 Cubist ICM plans   2196i11
16101701   IQ45 Temple of Venus and Rome Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine Danteum 5233 Farnsworth House Palace of Assembly Museum of Knowledge Tower of Shadows Urban Components Houses for Karl Friedrich Schinkel House of Shadows Bye Le Composites Jung Zaha House Cubist ICM   206hi18
16101601   IQ44 Whitemarsh Hall Philadelphia Museum of Art Villa Savoye Tugendhat House Cubist ICM plans Stotesbury Estate plan image attached   2141i05   b

16051502   Cubist ICM IQ43-53 outline plan   2436i58
16051501   Cubist ICM IQ53 plans   2436i57
16051401   Cubist ICM IQ52 plans   2436i56
16051301   Cubist ICM IQ51 plans   2436i55
16051201   Cubist ICM IQ50 plans   2436i54
16051101   Cubist ICM IQ49 plans   2436i53
16051001   Cubist ICM IQ48 plans   2436i52
16050902   Cubist ICM IQ47 plans   2436i51
16050901   Cubist ICM IQ46 plans   2436i50
16050803   Cubist ICM IQ45 Le Composites museum compilation plans   2436i49
16050802   Cubist ICM IQ44 plans   2436i48
16050801   Cubist ICM IQ43 plans   2436i47
16050701   Cubist ICM museum compilation working data   2436i46

16031701   IQ45 Cubist ICM museum compilation plans   2436i45
16031604   IQ45 Cubist ICM museum compilation plans   2436i44

16012805   Cubist ICM outline IQ36   2436i43
16012804   Cubist ICM outline IQ35   2436i42

16012701   IQ45 Danteum 5233 Farnsworth House Museum of Knowledge Urban Components Cubist ICM site plans   2392i119

15102806   CI06 middle IQ   2436i41
15102805   CI05 middle IQ   2436i40
15102804   CI04 middle IQ   2436i39
15102803   CI03 middle IQ   2436i38
15102802   CI02 middle IQ   2436i37
15102801   CI01 middle IQ   2436i36

15102701   IQ band grid Northeast Philadelphia Cubist ICM outlines   3392ui51

15070924   CI24 plans   2436i35
15070923   CI23 plans   2436i34
15070922   CI22 plans   2436i33
15070921   CI21 plans   2436i32
15070920   CI20 plans   2436i31
15070919   CI19 plans   2436i30
15070918   CI18 plans   2436i29
15070917   CI17 plans   2436i28
15070916   CI16 plans   2436i27
15070915   CI15 plans   2436i26
15070914   CI14 plans   2436i25
15070913   CI13 plans   2436i24
15070912   CI12 plans   2436i23
15070911   CI11 plans   2436i22
15070910   CI10 plans   2436i21
15070909   CI09 plans   2436i20
15070908   CI08 plans   2436i19
15070907   CI07 plans   2436i18
15070906   CI06 plans   2436i17
15070905   CI05 plans   2436i16
15070904   CI04 plans   2436i15
15070903   CI03 plans   2436i14
15070902   CI02 plans   2436i13
15070901   CI01 plans   2436i12

150709x6   Cubist ICM 006 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i30
150709x5   Cubist ICM 005 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i29
150709x4   Cubist ICM 004 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i28
150709x3   Cubist ICM 003 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i27
150709x2   Cubist ICM 002 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i26
150709x1   Cubist ICM 001 NNTC 2200x4400 grid   2413i25

15070802 Cubist ICM vertical NNTC plans   3392ui30
15070801 Cubist ICM horizontal NNTC plans   3392ui29

15030909   Cubist ICM ICM mirror-copy plans   2436i11
15030908   Cubist ICM ICM plan   2436i10
15030907   Cubist ICM opaque cut-outs   2436i09

15030906   Cubist ICM 006   2436i08
15030905   Cubist ICM 005   2436i07
15030904   Cubist ICM 004   2436i06
15030903   Cubist ICM 003   2436i05
15030902   Cubist ICM 002   2436i04
15030901   Cubist ICM 001   2436i03

15022014   ICM Picasso 000   2436i02   b

14122303   Picasso's Portrait of a Girl Cubist ICM   2436i01   b