Circular Chapel of S. Pietro in Montorio

Bramante, The Tempietto (Rome: 1502-10).

Bramante was commissioned in 1502 by the King of Spain, Ferdinando IV and his wife Isabella, to build a small temple in the cloister of S. Pietro in Montorio. This is one of his finest works though the smallest, and was reproduced in the works of both Palladio and Serlio. It is circular in plan and is surrounded by a portico supported by sixteen gray granite with bases and capitals of white marble, the remainder of the building being of travertine. The decoration of the interior is obviously of later date, probably that of 1628, mentioned in an inscription in the frieze. The orders and details are worthy of the highest praise in regard to their correctness, specially the exterior order and basement, top of attic, and the door.

The Tempietto marks the traditional location of St. Peter's crucifixion.



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