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Plans, elevations, and details of the Salaro Bridge, on the Teverone, near Rome, rebuilt by Narses. Sixth century

Salaro Bridge

1. Plan of the bridge at the level of the water.

2. Plan of the roadway, the pavement is in irregular polygons.

3. Side elevations.

4. Longitudinal section of the bridge, showing the construction; the tower is of much later date.

5 and 6. Details of the parapet; the ornaments are rudely executed; in the center are two panels, on the sides of which, next to the raodway, are the inscriptions 7 and 8.

7. Inscription, from which we learn that this bridge, demolished to the level of the water by Totila, was rebuilt by Narses, in the thirty-ninth, and the last year of the reign of Justinian, in 565 of the Christian era.

8. Inscription in verse in honor of Narses.

9. Elevation of one half of the bridge on a large scale, showing the construction. See also pl. 71/7.

10. Perspective view of the bridge.




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