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Plans, sections, and details of the upper and lower Churches of St. Francis ar Assisi   Thirteenth century

1. Plan of the lower church, commenced in 1228, terminated in 1230.

2. Plan of the upper church.

3. Longitudinal section.

4. One of the arcades of the nave, also engraved pl. 42/7.

5. Detail of one of the pillars against the wall, with its plan, profile, and bases; the capitals and bases are reporduced pl. 70/19; the column, pl. 68/36.

6. Plan of one of the pillars at the external angles, at the meeting of the nave and the transepts.

7. Plan of one of the pillars at the internal angles of transepts.

8. General elevation of the tower.

This church is the most considerable edifice of the first period of Gothic architecture, and that which served as the general model for the churches of the order of St. Francis.




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