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Plan elevation and details of the Church of St. Francis at Rimini, finished from the designs of Leon Baptista Alberti   Fifteenth century

1. General plan of St. Francis at Rimini, commenced in the Gothic style, by the order of Sigismond Malatesta, lord of this city, and continued in 1447, by Leon Baptista Alberti, according to the principles of ancient architecture; the parts of the plan engraved with a strong tint are those which he added to the body of the church.

2. Longitudinal section of the nave of the same.

3. One of the great arches at the entrance of the chapel, already given, pl. 42/23.

4. Pedestals of some of the pilasters, from the great arches; the elephants were the emblems of Sigismond.

5. Side elevation of the church of St. Francis; the sarcophagi between the arches contain the ashes of the savans and men of letters who illustrated the court of Sigismond.

6. Profile of the impost, and portion of the archivolt of the arches of the exterior.

7. Principal fašade of the Church of St. Francis; in the freize is the following inscription:-- PANDVLFVS MALATESTA PANDVLFI FIL FECIT ANNO GRATIAE MCCCCL. The motive of the composition of this fašade appears to have been inspired from the antique Arch of Augusta, still seen in Rimini. The upper part of the fašade was never finished, and the designs and models of Alberti having been lost, we can only judge of his intention by a medal which was struck at this period, engraved at no. 12.

8. Elevation of the Arch of Augustus, referred to above.

9. Detail of the order employed on the fašade of St. Francis; the capital presents a bizarre mixture of the Doric and Ionic; these details are repeated pl. 70/34.

10. Medal of Isotta of Rimini, wife of Sigismond Malatesta, celebrated for her courage, and the graces of her mind; on one side is the head of a woman, with this legend:-- ISOTTAE ARIMINENSI and on the other side is a closed book with the word ELEGIAE (Museum Mazzuchellianum, vol. i, pl. xvi.)

11. Mausolem of Isotta, as it appears in one of the chapels of the Church of St. Francis; one of the sepulchral urn, which is supported by two elephants, emblems of Sigismond, is the inscription:-- D ISOTTAE ARIMINENSI B M SACRUM MCCCCL (Notizie intorno ad Isotta, in the Raccolta Milanese, 1756.)

12. Medallion of Sigismond Malatesta; on one side is the head of this prince, with the legend SIGISMVNDVS PANDULFVS MALATESTA PAN F and on the reverse, the fašade of the Church of St. Francis, surmounted by a cupola, with which it would appear Leon Baptista Alberti intended to crown the edifice; around it are the words:-- PRAECL ARIMINI TEMPLVM AN GRATIAE V F MCCCL (Museum Mazzuchellianum, pl. xiv.)




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