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Plans sections and details of the ancient and the new Basilica of St. Peter of the Vatican Rome   Fourth fifteenth sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

1. Longitudinal section of the ancient Basilica of St. Peter of the Vatican, as constructed in the fourth century by order of Constantine. This section is taken from Bonanni, who himself borrowed it from the work of Carlo Fontana, entitled, "Il Tempio Vaticano;" and this last copied it from a drawing made at Rome in the time of Vasari, and preserved in the Medicāen Library at Florence. (Bonanni, Tempi Vaticani Historia, pl. v, fig. iii, pp. 13 and 17. Carli Fontana, Il Tempio Vaticano; Roma, 1694, in fol. fig, book ii, chap. x.)

2. General plan of the same. (Bonanni, Ibid, pl. ii, p. 11.)

3. Another plan of the same, on which is indicated in a lighter tint the successive additions made by different pontiffs to the body of the church erected by Constantine. (Bonanni, Ibid, pl. vii, p. 22.)

4. Figure of one of the tiles of terra cotta, forming the roof of the ancient Basilica, with the following inscription impressed upon it:-- REGNANTE THEODORICO DOMINO NOSTRO FELIX ROMA from which it would appear that this was one of the tiles placed on the roof in the fifth or sixth century by Theodoric. (Bonanni, Ibid, pl. ix, fig. C, pp. 15 and 34.)

5. Another tile of the same kind, with this inscription:-- THEODORICO BONO ROMA (Bonanni, Ibid, pl. ix, fig. B.)

6. Perspective view of the magnificent canopy or baldacchino of bronze, erected over the Confession, and in the center of the cupola of the new Basilica, from the designs of Bernini. (Bonanni, Ibid, pl. xlix, p. 128.)

7. One of the divisions of the nave of the new Basilica.

8. General section of the Basilica of St. Peter.

9. General plan of the Basilica of St. Peter; the subterranean church is shown in a lighter tint.




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