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2007.07.12 22:33
Sarcastic Architecture
Pig City
In 2000, pork was the most consumed form of meat at 80 billion kg per year. Recent animal diseases such as Swine Fever and Foot and Mouth disease are raising serious questions about pork production and consumption.
Two opposing reactions can be imagined. Either we change our consumption pattern and become instant vegetarians or we change the production methods and demand biological farming.
Let us assume that we remain pork-eaters. Do we then have enough space for biological pig farming? With a production of 16,5 million tons of pork, The Netherlands is the chief exporter of pork within the European Union. In the case of organic farming, pigs would be fed with 100% grain, leading to a required 130% more field surface due to the reduced grain production. This would mean that 75 % of the Netherlands would be dedicated to pigs.
Pig City studies the combination of organic farming with a further concentration of the meat production area, avoiding unnecessary transportation and distribution, and thereby reducing the spread of diseases.
--MVRDV website
So the (sarcastic?) conclusion is that organic pig farming is not a real option?
MVRDV have an interesting way of taking things/concepts to an extreme. Have they maybe learned from "Exodux, or the Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture"? I like their imagination nonetheless. A breed of Dutch sarcasm utilized when most useful?
"Holy Stations of the Cross, Batman!"

Mid 21st Century Archinect/Forum Reunion, Kool Jets, Uranus
"Hey, anybody here read a novel lately?"

MVRDV, Costa Iberica: Upbeat to the Leisure City (Actar, 2000.10.01), p. 188. (The city is Benidorm, "the most effective mass-tourism machine in Spain.")
MVRDV, Costa Iberica: Upbeat to the Leisure City (Actar, 2000.10.01), p. 211. ("The Elderly Rock").

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