hyper architecturism

Quondam as hypermuseum
01. continuation of "Lauf Haus der Kunst".
02. lots of new museum (model and plan) play.
03. museum annex development.
04. the working title museum.
05. something to do with the Ryerss Museum.
06. the local acropolis.
08. a solarized "photography" exhibit.
10. IQ as the plan of a hypermuseum(?).
...Quondam as hypermuseum to be the manifestation of designing and practicing (architecture) in cyberspace ideas... Quondam to display an exploitation of data in the digital realm to create entities that (can) only exist in the digital realm.

Hyper Architecturism
...working title... It developed from regarding Hyper Quondam and Hyper Modernism. Virilio has already written about hypermodernism. Then “hyperism”, and then ultimately “architecturism”.
Hyper Architecturism... ...document... ...display of all the ideas and manifestations of CAD play, especially the mesh surfaces and extruded rotations. ...including model manipulation and collage/collision.
...document all the steps and procedures, as well as the points of inspiration along the way. ...demonstrate the virtual infinity of digital data (and hence the hyper infinity (diversity) of architecturism).
...solarized architecture... ...they too exhibit a “hyper architecturism”.
images from my 1980s collage art. ...a sense of beyond-ness that they exhibit, plus they are oddly architectural, or at least spatial (maybe even hyper spatial).
Texts for Hyper Architecturism will come primarily from letters to design-l and architecthetics. Hopefully, a new (hyper) textual sense will emerge from utilizing the text freely, such as collaging texts and auto-translating the texts--again, being hyper architectural with the texts.
The concept of “hyper architecturism” also well applies to Piranesi’s Campo Marzio as well as to Piranesi’s other architectural/archaeological publications. ...play with all the imagery. ...also generate a Ichnographia Quondam.
...begin with the (skin) questions: “so what then is architecture...?”




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