lots to do

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...key buildings data that needs work for placement into the collection:

17060827   Guggenheim Bilbao Museum model   3391i27
17061125   Bilbao Guggenheim Museum plan section elevation   done
17060825   Great Pyramid section   done
17060810   Seagram's Building model   done
17061018   Seagrams Building plans elevation   done
17060809   Seagram's Building plan elevation   done
17060807   Saynatsalo Town Hall plans elevations   3391i07
17060802   Exeter Library plans sections elevation   3391i02
14100602   Richards Medical Laboratory Building plan elevation scaled   2404i11
14100601   Salk Institue plan section scaled   2404i10
17061023   Salk Institute plans section   3391ci21
99121724   Ulm Haus model   2302i23
17060936   Chandigarh College of Architecture site plan   3391bi36
17060935   Chandigarh College of Architecture sections elevations   3391bi35
17060934   Chandigarh College of Architecture plan   3391bi34
17060933   Dutch House plans sections elevations   done
17060924   Modulor Man   3391bi24
17060923   Koshino House model   3391bi23
17060915   Crown Hall plans section elevation   done
17061124   Sendai Mediatheque plans section elevation   3391ci50
17061116   Goetz Gallery plan sections elevation   3391ci42
17061114   Wexner Center plan section   3391ci40
17061108   Neue Staatsgalerie plans section elevation   done
17061104   Willis Faber & Dumas plans section site plan   3391ci30
17061028   Kimbell Art Museum plan section elevaion   3391ci26
17061010   Tuberculosis Sanitorium plans section site plan   done
17061007   Bauhaus plans section elevations   done




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