02012601   City Hall Redux plan model   3392hi01

02020401   Tower for Princeton Memorial Park elevations   2207i04

020227a   IQ studies   2392i16

020227b   ICM Axis of Life   2110i50
020227c   ICM Axis of Life   2110i51

020227d     Schizophrenic Folds plans   2307i01

020228a   Mayor's House model   2269i03

020228b   Acropolis Q plans Wacko House extension   2266i04

020228c   Acropolis Q site plan   2266i05

020305a   Chandigarh Capital Complex model   2175i01
020305b   Chandigarh Capital Complex plan   2175i02

020314a   Mayor's House model Acropolis Q   2269i04

020314b   Governor's Palace model   2177i05

020314c   Palace of Knowledge model   2339i01   b

020402a   Danteum model   2165i03   b
020402b   Danteum model   2165i04
020402c   Danteum plans elevations   2165i05
020402d   Danteum axonometric   2165i06

020409a   Palace of Knowledge elevations perspectives   2339i02

02041201   rems model perspectives   232ai01
02041202   rems model perspectives   232ai02
02041203   mesh surfaces cubed distorted models   232ai03
02041204   rems perspectives   232ai04
02041205   rems models   232ai05
02041206   rems models perspectives   232ai06
02041207   rems models perspectives   232ai07
02041208   rems perspectives   232ai08
02041209   rems perspectives   232ai09
02041210   straight rems models perspectives   232ai10
02041211   surf06   232ai11
02041212   rems models   232ai12
02041213   rems models   232ai13
02041214   rems models   232ai14
02041215   rems models   232ai15
02041216   rems models   232ai16
02041217   rems models   232ai17
02041218   rems models   232ai18
02041219   rems models   232ai19
02041220   rems models   232ai20
02041221   rems models   232ai21
02041222   rems models   232ai22

020511a   Wall House 2 elevations   2219i03

020802a   Villa Rotonda Goldenberg House Chronosomatic Man circle/squared plans elevations   2080i04

020802b   Altes Museum St. Pierre Dominican Motherhouse Hurva Synagogue plans sections elevations   2120i16

020802c   Hurva Synagogue plans elevations axonometrics   2209i05

020802d   Dominican Motherhouse plan site plan circle/square diagrams   2206i02

020802e   Parliament Building of West Pakistan plans elevation section model   2205i02

020802f   Dominican Motherhouse site plans elevations axonometrics perspectives   232ai23

02082401   rems models   232ai24

020903a   Tower for Princeton Memorial Park Gooding House elevations perspectives models   2207i05   b

020922a   Wallraf-Richartz Museum plans elevations axonometrics perpsectives model   2227i03

020922b   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen plans elevations axonometrics perspectives   2226i10

021013a   Venue wireframe Primarily Not Duchamp   2289i01

02102201   Gallery B model perspectives   2277i01   b

021225a   ICM plans   232ai25

021225b   Ottopia plans   2306i02