050105a   Romaphilia landmarks plans   3392ki01

050105b   Dominican Fortress plan development   2356i01
050105c   Dominican Fortress plan development   2356i02
050105d   Dominican Fortress plan development   2356i03

050112a   Romaphilia plans   2348i11

050112b   Dominican Fortress plan development   2356i04

050112c   PMA model   2142i05
050112d   PMA plan   2142i06

050112e   Benjamin Franklin Parkway model   2350i01   b

050112f   Parkway Interpolation plans Romaphilia   2278i06

050112g   Ignudi   2350i02
050113a   PMA Ignudi Pediment   2142i07
050113b   PMA Ignudi Pediment   2142i08
050113c   PMA Ignudi Pediment   2142i09
050113d   Philadelphia Museum of Art Whitemarsh Hall Rodin Museum Mikveh PMP St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert Free Library of Philadelphia Altes Museum Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul Santa Croce in Gerusalemme plans   2070i04

050113e   Venue wireframe Parlour   2289i02

050114a   Romaphilia plans   2348i12
050114b   Romaphilia plans   2348i13
050119b   rems models elevations   2350i03
050119c   rems elevations   2350i04
050119d   rems models elevations   2350i05
050119e   rems models elevations   2350i06
050119f   rems models elevations   2350i07

050128a   Romaphilia model   2348i14   b
050130a   Center City Philadelphia model   2093i14   b

050131a   Romaphilia Philadelphia partial model   2350i08   b
050131b   Romaphilia base model   2142i10

050201a   Sepulcher Augustus model   2350i09
050201b   Sepulcher Augustus axonometric   2350i10

050201c   Romaphilia perspective   2348i15

050215a   Acropolis Q B.F.Parkway working plans   2350i11   b
050215b   Acropolis Q B.F.Parkway working plans   2350i12
050215c   Acropolis Q plans Barnes Foundation site   2267i04

050215d   Rodin Museum Youth Study Center model   2350i13

050215e   Acropolis Q model Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2266i07

050215f   House in Laguna 001 BFParkway working model   2350i14   b
050215g   House in Laguna 002 plan model Barnes Foundation site   2322i05   b

050215h   Mayor's House plans model Barnes Foundation   2269i05

050215i   Wacko House 002 studio BFParkway working model   2350i15   b

050219a   ICM Horti Salustiani   2110i58

050314a   PMA plan   2142i11
050314b   PMA model   2142i12
050319a   PMA model   2142i13

050321a   Mosque Q model   2358i01   b
050321b   Mosque Q elevations axonometrics   2358i02

050406a   Sober House 2 plans   2359i01
050406b   Sober House 2 elevations   2350i16

050803a   Analogous Building perspective   2287i04
050803b   Analogous Building perspective   2350i17

051006a   museums plans   2120i21

051007a   domestic architecture plans   2080i12

051007b   tallest of thier time   2060i03

051021a   ICM plans   2350i18

051030a   Philadelphia mirror-copy plans   2093i15
051030b   Philadelphia mirror-copy plans   2093i16
051030c   Philadelphia mirror-copy plans   2093i17