14010801   IQ09 Horti Salustiani Bustum Hadrian @ Independence Mall plans   2080i20     2431i01
14010901   Bustum Hadriani @ Independence Mall working data   2432i01

14011102   IQ10 Urban Components plans   2230i02

14011103   IQ09 Horti Salustiani @ Independence Mall model extrusion work   2431i02   b

14011201   IQ09 Urban Components @ Franklin Square, plans   2431i03

14011202   House for K.F. Schinkel early schematic plan model work   2239i05
14011401   House for K.F. Schinkel plans   2239i06

14012001   Brant House Brant House Addition scan plans elevations to scale   221ai02   b

14012101   Frug House 1, scan site plan, plans, sections, elevations (to scale)   220ai02
14012102   Frug House 2 scan site plan plans sections elevations (to scale)   220bi02

14012103   domestic architecture plans (layers 1-99)   2080i21
14012104   domestic architecture plans (layers 1-19)   2080i22
14012105   domestic architecture plans (layers 20-39)   2179i05
14012106   domestic architecture plans (layers 40-59)   2248i03
14012107   domestic architecture plans (layers 60-79)   2306i10
14012108   domestic architecture plans (layers 80-99)   2404i01

14012701   Dresdner Bank plan, elevations section (work data)   223ci06
14012702   Dresdner Bank plan elevations section (finished data)   223ci07

14012901   psa/cri composite site plan Rome IQ     206bi10

14012902   ancient Rome 001 scan plan IQ     206ai03
14013001   ancient Rome 002 scan plan IQ   2404i02

14020101   psa/cri composite plans   206bi11

14020201   Basilica of San Lorenzo scan plan north arrow   2404i03

14020202   Basilica of San Sebastian scan plan north arrow   2404i04

14020203   Basilica Sessorianum model in context in register with psa/iq   2070i23

14020204   Old St. Peter's Basilica scan plan with Bernini's colonnade in register with psa/iq   2404i05

14020205   Arch of Constantine plan schematic model in register with psa/iq   2069i07

14020206   Circus of Maxentius Mausoleum of Romulus plan scan contours in register with psa/iq   206ei08

14020207   Mausoleum of Constantina plan scan plan in register with psa/iq   2404i06

14020301   Danteum plan modern/ancient context iq11   206bi12
14020302   Danteum plans model modern/ancient context iq11   206bi13
14020303   Danteum axonometrics (4x-60,0,40) modern/ancient context   2165i11   b

14020401   Danteum Plus Ultra, plan modern/ancient context iq11   206bi14
14020402   Danteum Plus Ultra plans model modern/ancient context iq11   2433i02
14020403   [Danteum] Plus Ultra extrusion model   2433i03

14020207   Mausoleum of Constantina plan scan plan in register with psa/iq   2072i01

14021301   NNTC schematic plan in Northeast Philadelphia context Ury Farm   2090i06
14021302   NNTC Northeast Philadelphia context Benjamin Franklin Parkway Pruitt Igoe Housing Ury Farm plans   217ai07
14021303   NNTC Northeast Philadelphia context Karastan Ury Farm plans   2413i18
14021304   NNTC Northeast Philadelphia context Ottopia Ury Farm plans   2070i24
14021305   NNTC Northeast Philadelphia context Eutropia Ury Farm plans   206bi15
14021306   NNTC Northeast Philadelphia context Chandigarh Ury Farm plans   2175i20
14021307   NNTC NE Philadelphia Philadelphia School Ury Farm plans   2237i09
14021308   NNTC Northeast Philadelphia context District Q Ury Farm plans   2244i08a   b
14021309   NNTC Northeast Philadelphia context Campo Rovine Ury Farm plans   2413i19

14021310   Ury Farm in Northeast Philadelphia NNTC context plans   206bi16 2090i07

14022801   Pantheon Novel chapter plans IQ08 IQ11   206gi28   243bi01
14022802   Pantheon Novel chapter extra plans IQ08 IQ11   243bi02
14022803   Pantheon Novel chapter Petronia Amnis development plans IQ08 IQ11   206gi29

14030501   Triumphal Way Panthoen/Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi03

14030502   Tiber ICM plan Equirria   2110i95

14030503   Altes Museum original Berlin context plans   2120i37
14030504   Altes Museum Q Group context plans   2120i38
14030505   Altes Museum Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi04

14030506   Danteum Rome context plans   206di06
14030601   Danteum Ottopia/IQ11 context plans   2165i12
14030602   Danteum Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi05

14030603   Palace of Assembly Chandigarh context plans   2177i25
14030604   Palace of Assembly IQ02 context plans   2177i26
14030605   Palace of Assembly NNCT/Chandigarh context plans   2177i27

14030606   Pyramids of Gizah Egyptian context plans   2060i14
14030607   Pyramids of Gizah Philadelphia context plans   2060i15
14030701   Pyramids of Gizah NNTC/Ottopia context plans   2060i16

14030702   Colosseum ancient Rome context plans   206fi12

14030703   Colosseum modern Rome context plans   206fi13
14030704   Colosseum Novel Architecturale context plans   206fi14

14030705   Pantheon Novel Architecturale context plans   206gi30

14030706   Temple of Venus and Rome ancient Rome context plans   206di07

14030801   Schizophrenic Fold 3 Berlin context NNTC/Ottopia context plans   2307i21
14030802   Schizophrenic Fold 3 Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   206gi31 2307i22

14031001   Palais des Congrès Strasbourg context plans   2198i19
14031002   Palais des Congrès Le Composites context plans   2198i20
14031003   Palais des Congrès NNTC/Ottopia context plans   2198i21
14031004   Palais des Congrès Q Group context plans   2198i22
14031005   Palais des Congrès Novel Architecturale context plans   206ai04

14031101   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 001 plan   2239i07
14031102   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 001 Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi06
14031103   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 005 plan   2239i08
14031104   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 005 Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi07
14031201   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 003 plan   2239i09
14031202   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 003 District Q context plans   2239i10

14031301   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Düsseldorf context plans   2226i18
14031302   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen NNTC/Ottopia context plans   2226i19
14031303   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen District Q context plans   2226i20
14031304   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   206ai05

14031305   Maison Dom-ino plan   2140i12

14031306   Villa Stein de Monzie site plan   2150i08

14031307   Composition Three plan   2155i01

14031308   Villa Savoye site plan   2156i16
14031401   Villa Savoye Ury Farm context plans   2156i17

14031402   Fruchter House plan   217ji01

14031403   Trenton Jewish Community Center site plan Bathhouse Day Care gymnasium scan plan   217bi03
14031404   Trenton Jewish Community Center site plan Bathhouse Day Care   217bi04
14031405   Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Care plan in context   217gi01
14031406   Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Care Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   206ai06

14031501   Monastery of La Tourette plan   2178i05

14031502   Levy Memorial Playground plan   218ai01
14031503   Levy Memorial Playground NNTC/Philadelphia School context plans   218ai02

14031504   Trenton Jewish Community CenterDay Care NNTC/Philadelphia School context plans   217gi02

14031505   Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti plan   2195i04
14031506   Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   206gi32

14031507   Acadia National Park Headquarters Building site plan   2204i14
14031508   Acadia National Park Headquarters Building NNTC/Philadelphia School context plans   2187i02
14031509   Acadia National Park Headquarters Building Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi08

14031510   Fisher House plan   2187i03
14031511   Fisher House NNTC/Philadelphia School context plans   2187i06

14031512   Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci site plan   2206i22
14031513   Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci Eastern State Penitentiary context plans   2206i23
14031514   Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci NNTC/Philadelphia School context plans   2206i24
14031515   Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci GAUA context plans   2080i23

14031516   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Q Group context plans   2080i24

14031601   Hurva Synagogue plan   2209i08
14031602   Hurva Synagogue Q Group context plans   2080i25
14031603   Hurva Synagogue District Q context plans   2209i09
14031604   Hurva Synagogue Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   206ai07

14031701   Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes plan   2216i08

14031702   Kimbell Art Museum plan   2210i03
14031703   Kimbell Art Museum Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   206gi33

14031704   Wall House 2 plan   2219i05
14031705   Wall House 2 NNTC/Campo Rovine context plans   2219i06

14031801   NNTC Ury Farm Campo Rovine Fox Chase context scan plan   2404i07   b

14032101   Wallraf-Richartz Museum site plan   2227i12
14032102   Wallraf-Richartz Museum NNTC/Ottopia context plans   2227i13
14032103   Wallraf-Richartz Museum Pantheon/Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi09
14040801   Wallraf Richartz Museum GAUA context plan   2227i14

14040802   St. Pierre Firminy-Vert site plan   2189i07
14040803   St. Pierre Firminy-Vert Le Composites context plan   2177i28

14040804   NNTC full plan new arris version   206bi17

14041001   St. Pierre Firminy-Vert District Q context plans   2189i08
14041002   St. Pierre Firminy-Vert Q Group context plans   2080i26
14041003   St. Pierre Firminy-Vert Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi10

14041101   collection grid Northeast Philadelphia NNTC IQ grid plans   2404i08

14041501   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 6 schemes plans   2239i11

14041502   Casa Collage 001 scan plan   225ai02
14041503   Casa Collage 002 scan plan   225bi02
14041504   Casa Collage 003 scan plan   225ci02
14041505   Casa Collage 004 scan plan   225di02
14041506   Casa Collage 005 scan plan   225ei02

14041601   domestic architecture collection collection grid plans   2080i27

14041801   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel scheme 1 plan   2239i12
14041802   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel scheme 2 plan   2239i13
14041803   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel scheme 3 plan   2239i14
14041804   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel scheme 4 plan   2239i15
14041805   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel scheme 5 plan   2239i16
14041806   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel scheme 6 plan   2239i17
14041901   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 6 schemes plans   2239i18

14042001   Clay Workers Co-op site plan 22002 in situ   2243i05
14042002   Clay Workers Co-op model site plan   2243i06   b
14042003   Clay Workers Co-op plan orthagonal   2243i07

14042004   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel scheme 3 model   2239i19   b

14042101   Institute of Contemporary Art site plan 22002 in situ   224ai01
14042102   Institute of Contemporary Art plan orthagonal 8002 context   224ai02

14042103   Clay Workers Co-op plan orthagonal 8002 context   2243i08

14042104   Cooper & Pratt House site plan 22002 context   2246i05

14042201   Mayor's House site plan 22002 context   2269i07

14042202   Green Enfilade House site plan 22002 context   2252i02

14042301   Zany House 001 plan 22002 context   2248i04

14042302   Zany House 002 plan 22002 context   2249i02

14042303   House in Laguna 001 plan 22002 context   2267i06

14042304   5233 Arbor Street plan 22002 context   2166i24

14042305   Battery Park City plan 22002 in situ   2254i03

14042306   City Hall Redux plan 22002 in situ   2255i01
14042401   City Hall Redux plan model orthagonal 22002 in situ   2255i02
14042402   Arcadia Pavilion plan model 22002 context   2258i02

14042403   Brochure Factory plan model 22002 in situ   2259i03   b

14042601   Market Street East Development plan orthagonal 44002 in situ   2263i04

14042602   Acropolis Q plan 22002 context   2266i17

14042603   Wacko House 001 plans 22002 context   2268i09

14042604   Parkway Interpolation plan orthagonal 44002 in situ   2278i13

14042605   Museum Annex plan orthagonal 11002 in situ   2279i03

14042701   Sober House 1 plan 22002 context   2286i05

14042702   Analogous Building plan 22002 context   2287i06

14042703   Broken Temple plan model 22002 context   2288i01   b   c

14042704   Wacko House 002 plans 22002 context   2285i07

14042801   Francisville Housing plan 22002 in situ   2292i06   b
14042802   Francisville Housing plan orthagonal 22002 in situ   2292i07

14042803   Morphed Altes Museum plan 22002 context   2293i03

14042804   Ideal City Reenactment site plan 22002 context   2297i02

14042805   Fragment Museum plan 22002 context   2298i04

14042806   Form 000 plans elevations model 22002 context   2300i02   b

14042807   Form 001 plan elevations model 22002 context   2301i03   b

14042808   Ur-Ottopia House plan 22002 context   2303i04

14042809   Maison Millennium 001 plan 22002 context   2304i09

14042810   Palace of Ottopia plan 22002 context   2305i05

14043001   Lauf Haus der Kunst plan 22002 context   2306i11

14043002   Schizophrenic Fold 1 site plan 22002 context   2307i23
14043003   Schizophrenic Fold 2 plan 22002 context   2307i24
14043004   Schizophrenic Fold 3 plan 22002 context   2307i25
14043005   Schizophrenic Fold 4 plan 22002 context   2307i26
14043006   Schizophrenic Fold 5 plan 22002 context   2307i27
14050101   Schizophrenic Fold 6 plan 22002 context   2307i28

14050102   Infringment Complex plan 22002 context   2308i03

14050103   House for Otto 3 plan 22002 context   2309i04
14050104   House for Otto 4 plan 22002 context   2310i02
14050105   House for Otto 5 plan 22002 context   2311i02
14050106   House for Otto 6 plan 22002 context   2312i01
14050107   House for Otto 7 plan 22002 context   2313i02
14050108   House for Otto 8 plan 22002 context   2314i02
14050109   House for Otto 9 plan 22002 context   2315i03
14050110   House for Otto 10 plan 22002 context   2316i02

14050401   Maison Millennium 002 plan 22002 context   2317i05
14050402   Maison Millennium 003 plan 22002 context   2318i04
14050403   Maison Millennium 004 plan 22002 context   2319i03

14050404   Palais des Exposé plan 22002 context   2321i05

14050405   House in Laguna 002 plan 22002 context   2322i06

14050406   Working Title Museum 001 plan 22002 in situ   2323i05
14050501   Working Title Museum 002 plan 22002 in situ   2324i17
14050502   Working Title Museum 003 plan 22002 in situ   2325i07
14050801   Working Title Museum 004 plan 22002 in situ   2326i05

14050802   Bye House Distorted plan 22002 context   2327i04

14050803   Ludi 002 plan 22002 context   2329i02

14050804   Lustgarten plan 22002 context   2120i39

14050805   Palace of Knowledge plan 22002 context   2339i03

14051201   ICM initial redrawn plans   2110i96

14051301   Wacko House plan development 22002 context   2268i10

14051302   ICM contiguous elements plans   2110i97
14051303   ICM axis of life plans   2110i98
14051401   ICM plans along the Equirria   2110i99

14051501   Parkway Interpolation site plan   2278i14
14051502   Parkway Interpolation section   2278i15

14051601   Ideal City Reenactment perspectives   2244i09
14051602   Ideal City Reenactment aerial perspective   2244i10

14051701   Ludi for Schinkel plan 22002   2340i01

14051702   Villa Skeleton plan 22002   2344i02

14051703   Good-Bye House plan 22002   2345i04

14051704   Mikveh PMP plan 22002   2346i04

14051705   I Kahn Collagio plan 22002   2347i02

14051706   Dominican Fortress plan 22002 in situ   2356i05

14051801   Acropolis Q on the Parkway plan 22002 in situ   2357i01

14051802   Mosque Q plan 22002   2358i03

14051803   Sober House 2 plan 22002   2359i02

14051804   House of Shadows Bye plan 22002   2366i05

14051805   Savoye Hystérique plan 22002   2367i02

14051806   Stoner Food Restaurant plan 22002   2368i05

14051901   Calder Museum plan 22002 in situ   2369i04

14051902   Hurva Dormitories plan 22002   2375i04

14051903   Infringement Complex Plus Ultra plan 22002   2376i04

14051904   Gooding Trice House plan 22002   2377i05

14051905   Gooding Trice Villa plan 22002   2378i02

14051906   Working Title Museum 005 plan 22002 in situ   2379i02

14052001   Le Composites plans 22002   2380i03

14052002   Jung Zaha House plan 22002   2382i02

14052003   Villa Stein de Monzie in Terrain plan 22002   2383i07

14052004   Villa Stein de Monzie in Terrain Wall House 2 in Terrain plan 22002   2384i02

14052005   Trivilla Savoye plan 22002   2385i05

14052006   Cut & Paste Museum plan 22002 in situ   2386i05

14052007   Duchamp Inn plan 22002 in situ   2386i02   b

14052501   Suburban Poché plan 22002   2388i01

14052502   Girard Collage plans 44002 in situ   2389i05

14052503   Circle Squared Museum plans 22002 in situ   2080i28 2393i03

14052601   Palais House 10: Museum plan 22002   2394i01

14052602   Wave Wall House 1 plan 22002   2395i04

14052701   Ichnographia Ink Blot plan 22002 in situ   2396i03

14052702   Headquarters of D.A.T.A. plan 22002   2397i05

14052703   Villa Plus Ultra plan 22002   2398i05

14052704   Courthouse Plus Ultra plan 22002   2399i07

14052705   Villa Savoye Shadowed plan 22002   2407i03

14052706   Savoye Shadows Annexation plan 22002   2408i03

14052707   Villa + 15 plan 22002   2409i03

14052708   Mesh Surface City Blocks plan 22002 in situ   240ai05

14052801   Wave Wall House 2 plan 22002   2410i04

14052802   Casa Unbekannt plan 22002   2412i04

14052803   Palais Savoye plan 22002   2411i06

14052804   Villa Appositional plan 22002   2425i03

14052805   Almost Semiquincentennial House plan 22002   2426i04

14052901   NNTC World Trade Center plan 22002 in situ   2427i04

14052902   [virtual] Museum Museum plan 22002   2428i05

14053001   Salustiani Mall plan 22002 in situ   2431i04

14053002   Hadriani Mall plan 22002 in situ   2432i02   b

14053003   Danteum Plus Ultra plan 22002 in situ   2433i01

14060101   atypical architecture plans /87   2254i04
14060102   atypical architecture plans /88   2309i05
14060103   collection of 'atypical' plans /89   2404i09

14060701   Working Title Museum 002 model 22002 in situ   2324i18   b
14060702   Working Title Museum 002 cubed wireframe and opaque model 22002 in situ   2324i19   b

14061301   Retreat House elevations   2237i10

14061401   Ur-Ottopia House plans elevations perspectives   2303i05

14061402   Good-Bye House perspective   2345i05

14061403   Ur-Ottopia House model   2303i06

14061601   Maison Millennium 001 plan model   2304i10   b
14061602   Maison Millennium 001 plans elevations perspectives axonometric   2304i11

14062201   psa/cri in situ plus via Appia (Canina map attached) with via Appia adjusted to angle and scale of Mausoleum of Romulus/Circus of Maxentius   206bi18
14062202   psa/cri composite plans in situ plus via Appia raw Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine and Basilica Sessorianum moved to align with the Canina map   206bi19

14062701   Ury Farm Northeast Philadelphia NNTC landmarks deer sightings IQ Philadelphia plan   2090i08
14062801   Ury Farm plan dtm model Ridgeway plan in register Latrobe watercolor attached   2090i09
14062901   Ury Farm plans contours opaque flat models   2090i10
14070301   Ury House and Farm site plan contours Ridgeway House Villa Savoye plans 22002 in situ   2090i11
14070401   Ury House and Farm contours opaque flat   2090i12
14070402   Ury House and Farm site plan site model   2090i13
14070601   Ury Farm c1812 site plan site model   2090i14

14070801   NNTC merged with Ury House and Farm Pennypack Creek Indian trails etc.   2090i15

14071201   Ury Farm c1812 site elevation   2090i16
14071202   Ury Farm c1812 site model in sync with Latrobe watercolor via pers01.vw   2090i17
14071203   Ury Farm c1972 site plan Center City Philadelphia extent plan   2090i18

14071301   Villa Savoye model at Ury House and Farm   2090i19
14071302   Villa Savoye site plan plan model 22002 context   2156i18

14071501   Courthouse Plus Ultra model 22002 Campo Rovine context   2399i08   b

14071502   Campo Rovine Parkway Hejduk plans Ury Farm plans in register with NNTC in Northeast Philadelphia   2090i20

14071503   Ury Farm District Q within NNTC plans   2090i21 2170i41

14071504   Houses Under a Common Roof model in register with District Q of NNTC   2170i42

14071505   Maison l'Homme model in register with District Q of NNTC   2196i05

14071506   Housing at La Villette model in register with District Q of NNTC   2229i08   b

14071601   Houses under a common roof collective elevations   2170i43

14072001   Working Title Museum 003 massing study model scalled to match NNTC in register   2325i08   b

14080101   House 10: Museum plans model 22002 Campo Rovine context   2197i111   b

14080301   Palace of Ottopia plan model 22002 context   2305i06
14080302   Palace of Ottopia plans model 22002 Campo Rovine context   2305i07   b
14080401   Palace of Ottopia plans model IQ031 context   2305i08   b

14080402   Cooper & Pratt House Palace of Ottopia Acropolis Q plans at Ury Farm site   2090i22

14080501   inverted Acropolis Q at Ury Farm plan   2090i23
14080502   Acropolis Q at Ury Farm study model   2090i24

14080801   Lauf Haus der Kunst plans study plans models perspectives   2306i12

14081201   Acropolis Q at Ury Farm plan   2090i25
14081202   Acropolis Q at Ury Farm model   2090i26

14081301   inverted Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters plan at Medical Mission Sisters site Ury model   2206i25
14081302   Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters northeast of Ury Farm plans model   2206i26

14082501   Acropolis Q at Ury Farm plan   2090i27

14082502   Eclectic Houses at Acropolis Q plan elevations   2090i28
14082503   Eclectic Houses upright elevations   223ai06
14082601   Eclectic Houses at Acropolia Q model plan   223ai07

14082701   Complex Religions plan   2434i01
14082702   Complex Religions Novel Architecturale 22002 context plans   2434i02
14082703   Complex Religions District Q 22002 context plans   2434i03
14082704   Complex Religions Complex Religious District Q 22002 context model plans   2434i04

14090201   NeuHaus 10 der Künste plan development   2435ai01
14090202   NeuHaus 10 der Künste plan development   2435i02
14090301   NeuHaus 10 der Künste plan development   2435i03
14090302   NeuHaus 10 der Künste plans   2435i04

14090401   Museum of Knowledge plan (reduced .9732) Chandigard Capital Complex site plan   2175i22
14090402   Museum of Knowledge plan 22002 context   2185i11

14090403   Atheneum plan 22002 context   2231i03

14090404   Neue Staatsgalerie plan 22002 context   2234i03

14090405   Urban Components plan 22002 context   2230i03

14090406   Museum of Arts and Crafts plan 22002 context   2244i11

14090407   Museum of Architecture plan 22002 context   2245i09

14090408   Museum Annex plan 22002 context   2279i04

14090409   Analogous Building plan 22002 novel architecturale context   243bi11

14090501   Lauf Haus der Kunst plan 22002 NNTC/Ottopia context   2306i13

14090601   Ludi Museum plan 4400x2200 NNTC/Ottopia context   2329i03
14090602   Ludi Museum plan 22002 NNTC/Ottopia context   2329i04
14090701   Domestic Museum plans NE Philadelphia/NNTC context   2080i29   b
14090702   Domestic Museum plans 22002 context   2080i30
14090703   museum compilation plans 22002 context   2080i31 2329i05

14090901   Gizah Pyramids plan with site plan image attached   2060i00
14091001   Temple of Posideon plan elevation image attached with column model Museum of Architecture plan etc.   2065i00
14091002   Acropolis plan image attached with Museum of Architecture plan etc.   2066i00

14091101   Antichita Capitoline plan image attached with ICM edge plan scan data etc.   206di09
14091102   Antichita Capitoline plan image attached with ICM edge plan etc.   206di10
14091103   Antichita Forum plan image attached with ICM edge plan scan data   206di11
14091104   Antichita Forum plan image attached with ICM edge plan   206di12

14092301   Andalusian House 1 Wall House 2 elevations image attached   2219i07

14092801   Museum of Architecture 22002 NNTC/District Q context plans   2245i10
14092802   Museum of Architecture plan 22002 NNTC/District Q context   2245i11
14092803   Museum of Architecture plan 22002 NNTC/District Q context with elevations models   2069i08
14092804   Museum of Architecture elevation image attached plan   2245i12

14100201   ICA House Ury context model plan   2270i01
14100202   ICA House Acropolis Q Eclectic Houses Ury context models plans   2090i31

14100301   Kennedy Plaza plan with plan image attached   2093i35

14100601   Salk Institue plan section scaled   2404i10
14100602 Richards Medical Laboratory Building plan elevation scaled 2404i11

14100603   Circle Squared Museum at Kahn's grave   2080i32

14100801   Palais Savoye models plans orthagonal working db   2411i07   b

14101501   domestic architecture at Pruitt-Igoe NNTC plans   2080i33

14101601   Composition Three model elevation Maison Dom-ino model   2155i02
14101602   Tugendhat House plans elevations   2158i03
14101603   Courthouse with Garage model elevation   2160i03
14101604   Farnsworth House plan elevations sections   2174i05
14101605   Burden House plan elevation   217hi00
14101606   Goldenberg House model elevation   2179i06
14101701   House 10: Museum model elevation   2197i12
14101702   House 15 model elevation   2208i05
14101703   Gallaratese Housing elevation   2214i02
14101704   ICA House elevation model orthagonal   2270i02
14101801   Wacko House 001 elevation model   2268i11
14101802   Sober House 1 elevation model plan perspective axonometric   2286i06   b
14101803   Wacko House 002 elevation raw model   2285i08
14101804   Villa Skeleton elevation model   2344i03   b
14101901   Good-Bye House elevation model   2345i06
14101902   House of Shadows Bye elevation model   2366i06
14101903   Gooding Trice House elevation model   2377i06
14102001   Gooding Trice Villa elevations raw model   2378i03

14102002   Nolli sector 4 attached to IQ07 frame St. Peter's colonnade Wallraf-Richartz Museum plans preliminary base data   2091i07
14102003   Stirling Roma Interrotta plan attached to IQ07 frame   2216i10
14102101   Leicester Engineering Building plans sections elevations   2181i01
14102102   Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes in IQ07 plans   2216i09
14102103   Wallraf-Richartz Museum in IQ08 plans   2227i15   b
14102104   Leicester Engineering Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank in IQ10 plans   2181i02

14102105   Museum of Architecture moved to Arch of Constantine within Pantheon Paradigm site plan   2069i09

14102106   Lauf/Stirling architecture Novel Architecturale context plans   2216i11
14102401   Dresdner Bank plans elevations section corrected data   223ci08

14102501   domestic elevations   2170i47
14102601   domestic elevations   2170i48

14110201   San Stefano image plan attached 4th century architecture plans   2404i12   b

14110501   Hadrian's Villa image plan attached mirror-copy plans scaled   2404i13   b   c
14110502   image plan attached Ury/NNTC context plans scaled   206ki01   b
14110503   image plan attached Campo Rovine context plans scaled true north   206ki02   b

14110601   Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti plan work   2195i05
14110602   Leicester University Engineering Building upper plan   2181i03

14110603   Basilica of St. Agnes, Mausoleum of Constantina plan work scan plan   2072i02

14110604   Gallery B plan   2277i02
14110605   Gallery B model   2277i03

14110701   NNTC/Parkway model work   2413i20

14110702   mesh surface wireframe cleanup   2404i14   b

14110703   Casa Collage 001 plan redraw started scan plan   225ai03

14110704   Commerce Square model for CC Philadelphia model   2093i36
14110705   Villa dall'Ava model work started   2276i03   b
14110706   Wall House 2 model rotated worm's eye axonometric   2219i08
14110707   Library 2 kit of parts model work   2257i05

14111201   Clay Workers Co-op 22002 site context plans models   2243i09   b
14111202   ICM plans within Clay Workers Co-op 22002 border   2110i100
14111203   Clay Workers Co-op site model with ICM infill plans building footprint/model addition/fix   2243i10

14111801   Roma Interrotta Sector IV detail image attached at correct scale with selection of Stirling plans also at true scale   2216i12

14112001   22002 grid for breakdown of NNTC centered in Ury   2413i21
14112002   Ury Farm/NNTC larger context   2080i34
14112101   Ury/NNTC site work with Acadia contours   2204i16   b
14112501   Ridgeway House at Ury/NNTC site plan   2404i15
14112701   Villa Savoye at Ury/NNTC site plan   2156i19
14112702   Ury House at Ury/NNTC site/house plan   2090i32

14112801   Dresdner Bank site plan image attached   223ci09   b
14112802   Dresdner Bank site plan   223ci10

14112901   Cooper & Pratt House Ury House plan Ury Farm site plan   2246i06   b   c
14112902   House for Otto 1 at Ury/NNTC plan site plan   2305i09
14112903   Acropolis Q at Ury/NNTC plan site plan   2266i18

14113001   Villa Rotonda plan elevation corrected   2080i35

14120101   collection of domestic elevations @   2080i36
14120102   Villa Rotonda Circle Squared Museum Philadelphia plans IQ   2080i37
14120201   Villa Rotonda GAUA plans 22002 context   2080i38
14120202   Villa Rotonda @ Kahn's grave plans 22002 context   2080i39
14120203   Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse @ Kahn's grave plans 22002 context  217bi05
14120204   Villa Rotonda @ Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse plans 22002 context   2080i40
14120205   Trenton Jewish Community Center and Bathhouse plans 22002 context   217bi06
14120206   half Villa Rotonda half Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse plans 22002 context   2080i41
14120207   Villa Rotonda @ Pruitt-Igoe Housing plans 22002 context   2080i42

14120208   New Sweden Outpost Pemipacka plans 22002 context   2090i33

14120301   Mayor's House roof studies models Mayor's House wireframe @ Ury   2269i08   b   c   d   e
14120302   Mayor's House @ Ury massing studies models   2269i09   b   c   d

14120501   Ury House 1100x550 plan orthagonal /domestic   2090i00
14120601   Palace of Versailles @ Karastan 1100x550 plan orthagonal /domestic   2092i09
14120602   Villa Savoye @ Ury 1100x550 site plan /domestic   2156i20
14120603   Houses Under a Common Roof @ District Q 1100x550 site plan /domestic   2170i49
14120604   Priutt-Igoe Housing NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   217ai00
14120605   Governor's Palace Chandigarh/NNTC 1100x550 site plan /domestic   2177i00
14120606   Burden House District Q/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   217hi02
14120607   Maison l'Homme District Q/NNTC 1100x550 site plan /domestic   2196i06
14120608   House 10: Museum Campo Rovine/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   2197i13

14120609   NNTC Campo Rovine Hejduk plans   2197i14

14120610   House 15 Campo Rovine/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   2208i06
14120611   Wall House 2 Campo Rovine/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   2219i09
14120701   Silent Witnesses Campo Rovine/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   2225i04
14120702   Ridgeway House Ury/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   2090i34
14120703   La Villette Housing District Q/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   2229i09

14120801   Philadelphia School/NNTC plans attached images Kahn's grave situated correctly   217gi03   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i
14120802   Vanna Venturi House site plan plans elevations   2182i05   b
14120803   Fisher House site plan plan   2187i05
14120804   De Vore House site plan attached image   217ei05   b

14121101   Hadrian's Villa redrawing with ICM parts started image   206ki03

14121201 Colosseum 1100x550 site plan   206fi00
14121202   Pantheon ICM site plan 1100x550   206gi00
14121203   Hadrian's Villa 1100x550 plan   206ki00   b
14121204   Temple of Venus and Rome 1100x550 plan   206hi00
14121205   Minerva Medica 1100x550 plan   206ii00
14121206   Circus of Maxentius, Mausoleum of Romulus 1100x550 plan   206ei00
14121207   Arch of Janus Quadrifrons 1100x550 plan   206bi00
14121208   Thermae Helenae 1100x550 plan   206ci00
14121209   Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine 1100x550 plan   206di00
14121210   Arch of Constantine 1100x550 plan   2069i00
14121211   Baths of Constantine 1100x550 plan   206ai00
14121212   Basilica of Sts. Petrus and Marcellenus 1100x550 plan   206ji00
14121213   Basilica Sessoriana 1100x550 plan   2070i00
14121214   Basilica of St. Agnes, Mausoleum of Constantina 1100x550 plan   2072i00
14121215   St. Peter's Square 1100x550 plan   2091i00
14121216   Palace of Versailles 1100x550 plan   2092i00
14121217   City of Philadelphia 1100x550 plan   2093i00
14121301   Ichnographia Campus Martius 1100x550 plan   2110i00

14121302   San Stefano 1100x550 plan image attached /atemporal   2404i16
14121303   Villa Madama 1100x550 plan image attached /atemporal   2404i17   b
14121304   Laurentian Library 1100x550 plan section image attached /atemporal   2404i18
14121305   Fortification of Florence 1100x550 plan /atemporal   2404i19
14121306   Campidoglio 1100x550 plan image attached /atemporal   2404i20
14121307   Michelangelo's St. Peter's Basilica 1100x550 plan image attached /atemporal   2404i21
14121401   Villa Julia 1100x550 plan attached image /atemporal   2404i22
14121402   Villa Julia 1100x550 site plan image attached ICM /atemporal   2404i23   b
14121403   Porta Pia 1100x550 elevation /atemporal   2404i24
14121404   Sforza Chapel 1100x550 plan image attached /atemporal   2404i25
14121405   Medici Chapel 1100x550 elevation image attached /atemporal   2404i26
14121406   Scala Regia 1100x550 plan image attached /atemporal   2404i27
14121801   Altes Museum Schinkel's Berlin 1100x550 plan   2404i28

14122001   site plan 22002 @ Kahn's grave   2080i43
14122002   Villa Rotonda site plan @ Kahn's grave   2080i44
14122003   Villa Rotonda 1100x550 plan (@ Kahn's grave)   2080i00

14122101   1830 Berlin 1100x550 plan   2121i00
14122102   Custom House of the Packhof 1100x550 plan   2122i00
14122103   Monument for Friedrich the Great plan 22002 context   2123i02
14122104   Monument for Friedrich the Great 1100x550 plan   2404i29
14122105   Philadelphia City Hall plan Philadelphia context 22002   2133i01
14122106   Philadelphia City Hall 1100x550 plan   2133i00
14122107   Eiffel Tower 1100x550 plan IQ context   2135i00
14122108   Reading Terminal Headhouse 1100x550 plan   2136i00
14122109   John Wanamaker Store 1100x550 plan   2137i00
14122110   IQ08 Philadelphia plan   2392i95
14122111   Maison Dom-ino 1100x550 plan Pruitt-Igoe/NNTC   2140i00

14122201   Whitemarsh Hall site plan image attached 5233 context   2141i02
14122202   Whitemarsh Hall site plan image attached Karastan/NNTC context   2141i03   b
14122203   Whitemarsh Hall 1100x550 plan site plan image attached Karasten/NNTC   2141i00

14122204   Philadelphia Museum of Art 1100x550 plan   2142i00
14122205   Stockholm Public Library 1100x550 elevation   2144i00
14122206   Villa Stein de Monzie 1100x550 plan Pruitt-Igoe/NNTC   2150i00
14122301   Villa à Garches 1100x550 plan Pruitt-Igoe/NNTC   2151i00
14122302   Composition Three 1100x550 plan Pruitt-Igoe/NNTC   2155i00

14122303   Picasso's Portrait of a Girl trace for Cubist ICM   2436i01   b

14122304   Kennedy Plaza 1100x550 plan image attached   2093i37
14122401   Villa Savoye 1100x550 plan Ury/NNTC   2156i00
14122501   Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building 1100x550 plan   2157i00

14122502   Tugendhat House Courthouse with Garage Farnsworth House plans @ Pennypack   2158i04   b

14122503   Tugendhat House 1100x550 plan   2158i00
14122504   Pavillon Suisse 1100x550 elevation   2159i00
14122601   Courthouse with Garage 1100x550 plan   2160i00
14122602   Museum Annex 1100x550 plan Palace of Versailles ICM   2279i05
14122603   Museum Annex 1100x550 plan Palace of Versailles   2279i06
14122604   Museum Annex 1100x550 plan ICM IQ08   2279i07
14122605   Institute of Contemporary Art 1100x550 plan IQ08   224ai03   b
14122606   Institute of Contemporary Art 1100x550 plan ICM IQ08   224ai04   b

14122607   Horti Luciliani @ Ury/NNTC   2090i35

14122801   Dresdner Bank 1100x550 site plan   223ci11
14123101   Dresdner Bank model plans elevations section site plan practically true north   223ci12   b
14123102   Dresdner Bank plan Pantheon Paradigm   243bi12