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welcome to the hotel anecdotal


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15. a tribute to nethca: Welcome to the Hotel Anecdote (Anecdotal?).

2. schizophrenia + architectures: volume to thousands -- a later reenactment of Quondam’s gallery 1999; s+a could mean schizophrenia + architectures or steve and architectures or sagacity plus arcadia (or anonymity or abracadabra). There are a number of book titles already decided upon should schizophrenia + architectures:2 actually occur: ...and Piranesian Dream Teams Beyond; Eutropian Bonding; [Signs of] Helena Augusta; really Not There; Welcome to the Hotel Anecdotal; The Museumpeace Rooms; The Interview Revisited; Holyland.

Learning from Lacunae
3. I had thought that “Welcome to the Hotel Anecdotal” could combine with “LV for Dummies”... ...combine the two essays to make the most out of TOURISM REVISITED and the overriding notion of reenactment.

QE001 ideas
4. "The talking walls of the Hotel Anecdotal"--architectural gossip, plus selections from the J. Williams jail letters.



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