Mitchell/Giurgola Architects

United Fund Headquarters Building


Philadelphia       4/4
Small United Fund office building plays an important role in the urban scene

Facts and Figures
Headquarters Building, United Fund of the Philadelphia Area, Philadelphia, Pa. Architects: Mitchell/Giurgola Associates (John Lawson, project architect). Engineers: Harry Palmbaum (structural); Paul H. Yoemans, Inc. (mechanical and electrical). Interior design: HMC Interiors, Inc. (with the architects). General Contractor: Hughes-Foulkrod Construction Co. Building area: 66,270 sq. ft. Cost $2,375,000 (plus 36,820 for furniture and equipment).
Photographs: Rollin R. La France.

1. ...an exhibit of Giurgola free standing facades--Columbia HS, PennMutual, Tredeffrin Library, Columbia Univ., Princeton (replaced by VSBA), Australia, and the United Way--as "proto" (except for Kahn "wrapping ruins around buildings @ Exeter).
3. do a full reenactment trail before and after Kahn's Media convent. Luckily, my thesis comes before Gehry's Winton Guest House. ...including the precedents I presented at thesis.




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