Mosque Q


2007.01.19 15:31
here's another Mies-runs-through-it design by OMA
Mies wrapped around a factory
What's next? Kahn wrapped around Le Corbusier?

2007.04.23 17:08
Featured Discussion: Volume
Firminy church by Le Corbusier
Hurva synagogue by Kahn
composition 1a : the act or action of composing : the formation of a whole especially by different things being put together
To confuse or not to confuse, that is deterritorialization?
The church/synagogue composition came as a result of seeing how the plan of the church fit almost perfectly within the sanctuary(?) of the synagogue. And, since I had a model of both buildings, I just wanted to see the superimosition in 3D. And upon seeing that I thought, "Gosh, that kind of looks like a mosque." Trust me, deterritorialized thinking isn't necessarily brilliant, although for the most part uninhibited.




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