The Timepiece of Humanity/Star Vengeance
Stephen Lauf

Art that can be construed as supporting LGBTQ+ rights
23 April 2017

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23 April 2023   Sunday

Excerpt from an email sent today:

I still have to compose my ideas, which I hope to send to you within the coming week, but I can start with the following anecdote:
Although I had no name for it at the time, the theory of chronosomatics first occurred to me in 1981, when I was living and working in Washington DC for the summer. It was not till years later that I first read the phrase “a timepiece of humanity” within a translated excerpt from Velimir Khlebnikov’s The Tables of Destiny published in October 27. It immediately occurred to me that I too have been thinking about and formulating a “timepiece of humanity,” and that’s when I began to write my ideas down.

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