The Timepiece of Humanity/Star Vengeance
Stephen Lauf

Art that can be construed as supporting LGBTQ+ rights
23-24 y.o. Francesco Piranesi 1782
Collezione delle piu belle statue di Roma

Statue of Hope, or of Venus found in the Baths of Titus, commonly called the Flora of Farnese, existing in the atrium of that Palace.
To His Highness The King Prince Regnant Constantine Alexander of Salm Salm. Fine art lover.
Francesco Piranesi D.D.D.
Tommaso Piroli drawn     Francesco Piranesi engraved 1782.

26 April 2023   Wednesday

Excerpt from an email sent today:
As far as my current work is concerned, STELLAR REVENGE is now a distinct part of The Discovery of Piranesi’s Final Project. The notion of “an alternative picture of the world to the generally accepted one” now very much informs the telling of the rest of the ‘story’ which will conclude 9 November 2023.

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