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2013.09.07 10:35
Are you into modernism or do you also like historical architectural styles?

Cooper & Pratt House   4800hi01
Mayor's House   4800hi02
Ur-Ottopia House   4800hi03
Stoner Food Resturant   4800hi04
Gooding trice House   4800hi05
Headquarters of D.A.T.A.   4800hi06
Courthouse Plus Ultra   4800hi07
Zany House 01   4800hi08
Lauf Haus der Kunst   4800hi09
Schizophrenic Fold   4800hi10
House for Otto 3   4800hi11
House for Otto 7   4800hi12

Obviously, I'm into (creating) 'dys' architecture styles: dyskenesic architecture, dyslexic architecture, dyslalic architecture. Hopefully, I'll continue to design even more dys-architecture styles.



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