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1923-25 Barnes Foundation, Merion
2012 Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia

2004.12.14 16:11
Re: where the Barnes might move to
The site for the Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway has just been chosen--site of the present Youth Study Center (euphemism for juvenile jail) -- across 20th Street from the Free Library of Philadelphia, designed by Horace Trumbauer and soon to be appended by a Moshe Safdie addition. The proposed Calder Museum by Tadao Ando on the south side of the Parkway will be across from the Barnes.
I'm pretty sure the radio newsman said that a "replica" of the present Barnes Foundation (a design by Paul Cret) will be built on the Youth the Study Center site of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Gosh, just what the Parkway needs, another reenactment.

Architecture encyclopedia?
For the encyclopedia, Quondam, do you think this qualifies as Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism? Or, the site and building has to be identical although there is a strong inspirational connection? Can you show more precise example as to what you mean?

2014.01.22 20:31
Architecture encyclopedia?
Orhan, that image seems to fit the "description", doesn't it? There's reenactment, there's bilocation, and there's architecturism. I was always curious where that building is, and what it looks like finished.
The title "Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism" comes from the fictional The Odds of Ottopia. It's the title of the paper St. Catherine de Ricci, Louis I. Kahn and Albert Barnes presented at the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention (2005). The paper centered on the positive aspects of two Barnes Foundation locations. As you know, the new Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia is, inside at least, a reenactment of the original Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA. De Ricci, Kahn and Barnes demonstrated how both Foundation locations could be used to the great benefit of art. De Ricci's expertise is in her being an actual bilocator, Kahn is the architect of the new design (because he already designed the Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci and he was a student of Paul Cret), and Barnes has been ecstatic about bilocating since the car crash.
Orhan, I like your example of Villa Savoye Take Two (or whatever it actually is), because it's real. I have no idea what's up with Paul Cret's original Barnes Foundation gallery building, but, if it's still there, then the new Barnes Foundation is also a real example of Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism.




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