Maison de l'Homme with Wall House 2

combined building documentations
...always wanted to compare Le Corbusier's Maison de l'Homme with Plecnik's Houses Under a Common Roof.
...could easily combine the Maison de l'Homme with the Villa Savoye or Wall House 2 or even Hurva Synagogue.
Concerning a Vila Savoye/Maison de l'Homme comparison, imagined the lower story of the Villa Savoye two stories high; the idea being that the elevated box of the Villa Savoye would be like the independent roof of the Maison de l'Homme.

John Hejduk Day-Night House 1976

While the Day-Night House is an obvious homage to Le Corbusier's Maison de l'Homme, it is nevertheless interesting to see the similarity of the shape of the seating area of the Maison de l'Homme roof terrace and the shapes of the individual pavilions of Wall House 2.



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