Sanctuaries, the last works of John Hejduk

2014.07.14 15:45
religious architecture by non-religious architects
You can start by reading Hays' essay in Sanctuaries: The Last Works of John Hejduk--I read it like five years ago and honestly don't remember any real specifics, but Cathedral (1996) is fully featured there, yet I kind of remember thinking Hays' analysis didn't give Hejduk's architecture full justice. (I don't own the book, so I can't say more at this time.) Nonetheless, it is at least one place to read about Hejduk's work. Otherwise, you just have to 'study' Hejduk's last books and basically 'read' all the drawings. Not too long ago I noticed that Hejduk's religious architecture elaborates Le Corbusier's church at La Tourette and St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert, and that's the line of inquiry I'm following in my own 'research'. Other than that, I believe Hejduk died of cancer (in 2000), and thus I have wondered whether his illness played a part in the ongoing appearance of religious architecture in his work toward the end of his life. (Perhaps Hays makes reference to all this as well.)



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