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OMA     NATO Headquarters   2002

The program for the new NATO Headquarters is very large. The security issues are complex. The task of the symbolism - to represent a new NATO - is daunting. It is clear that the obvious way does not work any more. We propose a truly integrated NATO Headquarters.
Six office buildings surround a central block. Its upper half is occupied by the conference centre a dense landscape of sculptural forms. The lower half of the block is occupied by facilities for press and the commons facilities restaurants and sports. In between is a connecting square - a public place that replaces the more utilitarian corridor-, and that is the focus of both the circulation and interaction in the building.
Instead of a linear sequence of programs, connected by a social corridor, we propose to arrange all of the elements around, above, and below a connection square which becomes the conceptual centre of the new NATO Headquarters.

Ten Zen Men
collage on canvas panel
10 x 8 inches overall

I now remember...
I now remember what it was that reminded me of OMA's NATO HQ--it was in "Aqueous Humor." "The same kinetics of flow are found in the roofed complex of the United Nations project where a heavy and compressive space frame is canopied above suspended ceilings and a "bubbled" assemblage of assorted theaters, offices and ancillary volumes. These are dispersed in plan so as to appear as islands in a sea of circulation that flows between them." (p. 42)



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