The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

21 December 1778   Monday

Vuë intérieure du Temple, que l'on croit avoir été dédié à Junon. Ce tronc de Colonne de Travertin avec sa base étoit peut être de celles, qui ornoient l'interieur du Pronaos, ou de la Celle; et il semble plutðt appartenir à l'ordre Toscan, qu'au Dorique.     Franciscus Piranesi Fecit
Interior view of the Temple, believed to have been dedicated to Juno. This trunk of Travertine Column with its base was perhaps one of those, which adorn the interior of the Pronaos, or the Celle; and it seems rather to belong to the Tuscan order, than to the Doric.

21 December 1812   Monday

Morning without a cloud. Wind fresh all night, was moderated this morning. Thermometer 25 degrees, rose only to 32 degrees. Sky clear, wind from NW moderated, whole day cold. The evening became cloudy and milder.

21 December 2000
errors in "speaking architecture"
...a "display [that generally] deals with the 'language' and meaning of architectural planimetric forms, while specifically [displaying] the 'master key' that unlocks the long held mysteriousness of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius. see a 'building' [Aedicula Intercorse] that is both literally and figuratively conception. This tiny building is indeed one of the few plans within the Ichnographia that Piranesi does not provide with a Latin label, and that is because the building, through its plan, already speaks for itself, and, moreover, it speaks of all the 'concepts' there involved, namely, Piranesi's conception of architectural language, and the very conception of Rome [Romulus] itself. Piranesi's architectural intensification here is so tight to the point that indeed the medium is the message.
Essentially, Piranesi designed a building delineating conception, which also represents Piranesi's conception of the large Campo Marzio plan, which also represents the beginning/conception of Rome itself.

21 December 2007
Family Farm in New Nation
Looks like the farm one of my grandfather's older brothers settled is now just within the Lakota Sioux Nation of Indians.

Golden Valley, North Dakota
"Pass the Peace Pipe."

21 December 2018

21 December 2022   Wednesday
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